Association Contest

Association Contest

Tamy organizes the Association Contest for all associations working under it every year. The Contest is a traditional way for Tamy to support and develop its associations, and the committees take turns organizing it. The winners will receive an operational grant. The Contest usually takes place in the autumn.

Association Contest 2017: Internationality

The theme of the Association Contest 2017 (18/05–15/10/2017) was internationality. The students of the University of Tampere have various possibilities to become more international. Each year, the University receives hundreds of foreign students of different disciplines. Tamy aims to promote the integration of these students into the Finnish student life, whether they were exchange students, degree students or something in between. Now we would like to hear how the associations take internationality into account in their activities.

In different disciplines and activities, internationality is present in different ways. Some faculties are already very international due to their size or field. However, this does not mean that students could not become more international in all associations!

All Tamy’s subject, faculty and hobby associations were able enter the competition. The winner was selected by Tamy’s Committee for International Affairs. The winners were announced at the Student Union’s Anniversary Celebrations on 24/11/2017. The winner received an operational grant of €250.

Winner of 2017: TAYK ry, the UN Association of Tampere.

Second place: JKY ry, Students of the Faculty of Management.

Special mention: Salus ry.

2016: Cooperation between associations

The theme of the Association Contest 2016 (23 May-16 October 2016) is cooperation between associations. As a Student Union, Tamy brings together its members and associations. In order to guarantee interdisciplinary culture, students from different fields should be able to meet and get to know each other. A united student community is an important resource in our University. However, cooperation with TUT and Tamk students should not be forgotten either.

Winner of Association Contest 2016: Interaktio ry.

Second place in the Association Contest 2016: Boomareiden Olutseura (BOSA ry).

The winners were chosen by the Committee for Organizational Affairs and they were announced at Tamy’s Birthday Party on November 11th 2016. Interaktio ry received €250 and BOSA ry €100 in operational grants.

Previous themes and winners:

2015: Associations promote sober culture (Committee for Social Welfare Affairs): winner Interaktio ry, second place UDK, honourable mention Kopula Ry
2014 Collective utilization of items and services in associations: winner Pointer ry
2013 Associations enabling peer learning opportunities: winner Interaktio ry, second place Cortex ry, special thanks to TLK ry and Oka ry

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