Association status

Association status

Associations that have been granted Tamy’s association status are entitled to Tamy’s association services and financial support. These include annual operational grant, project support, facilities, trainings, counselling services and borrowable items. These associations can also make proposals to Tamy’s Executive Board and Council of Representatives. Subject and faculty associations are consulted when selecting student representatives to the University’s administrative organs.

To keep the association status, the association must either leave an association announcement or apply for an operational grant every year. If the rules of the association are modified, the new version must be delivered to the Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs.

These are the only obligations that come with the association status. Holding the status does not make associations any less independent; Tamy does not interfere with the activities the association with association status organizes. Receiving the association status demonstrates that Tamy considers the association’s activities important for Tamy’s members and that Tamy wants to support the association in any way it can.

Applying for association status

Association status is applied for from Tamy’s Executive Board, which either grants or does not grant the applicant association status. In practice, the association status is applied for with a form, and the rules of the association, a list of organizers and the latest plan of action are included.

The application can be submitted at any time, but the Executive Board processes applications only four times a year: in February, May, September and December. Applications must be submitted to the Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs by email no later than the last working day of the month preceding the processing of applications. In spring term, applications must be submitted on the last working day of January or April at the latest and in autumn term on the last working day of August or November at the latest. The applications are submitted via email to the Specialist in Communications and Organizational Affairs.

If there are several subject or faculty associations that hold the same purpose, only one of them can be granted association status. Please note that only associations that hold the association status at the end of the year can be bestowed operational grant in the following spring. More information about the association status is available in the Association Standing Order.

Association status requirements

Association status may be granted to an association of whose members at least half are members of Tamy. An association of whose members a minority belongs to Tamy may be granted association status if the association’s activities support Tamy’s activities and if the Executive Board considers the number of Tamy’s members in the association adequate. The association’s activities must be aimed at Tamy’s members and promote the intellectual, social and societal aspirations of Tamy’s members.

Associations can be granted either the status of a subject or faculty or hobby association.

Subject association status may be granted to an association that is made up of the students of one or more fields of study, degree programmes or faculty in the University of Tampere and are members of Tamy. The focus of the association’s activities must lie on acting as a link between the members of the association, representing the members and participating in the design and development of the studies the members take.

Faculty association status may be granted to an association that resembles a subject association in purpose, but is made up of all the subject associations of one or more faculties in the University of Tampere.

Hobby association status may be granted to an association that revolves around a hobby or a conviction. The purpose and activities of a hobby association may not clash with the purpose and activities of Tamy.

Losing or giving up association status

An association can lose its association status if

  • the make-up of its members or its actions change significantly.
  • the association is caught cheating when it applies for financial support from Tamy.
  • the association neglects to leave its association announcement or apply for operational grant for two years in a row.
  • the association clearly and repeatedly acts against Tamy’s principles.

Tamy’s Executive Board will make the decisions regarding the withdrawal of association status. If the association so wishes, it can give up its association status at any time by informing the Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs.

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