Email lists

You can reach the association board members and actives through the subject and hobby association email lists. The most important ones are listed below. Instructions for subscribing to open lists and a complete list of Tamy’s email lists can be found in the Email lists section.

All subject association chairs can be reached through the email list. The list is used to communicate matters related to all associations, calling chairs’ meetings and distributing other current news.

This list is closed and it is administrated by the Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs. They will add new chairs and vice-chairs as well as remove old members according to the associations’ instructions. Please remember to communicate the changes in your board! If you do not get email from this list despite having sent information about a change, please contact the Specialist in Communication and Organizational affairs directly. After consideration, the Specialist can also forward official messages regarding the associations to this list.

KERHOLISTA is meant for the hobby association chairs. The list is used for communication like the APN list. It is also closed and administrated by the Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs.

Tamy-PJ Facebook group is reserved for general discussion between chairs.

The communication organizers of associations belong to this list. It is an open list and anyone can subscribe to it.

The list is primarily meant for information distribution to Tamy and the associations working under Tamy and the idea is that the communication organizers will forward important messages to their respective association lists. Also Tamy’s and SYL’s statements and comments are forwarded to this list.

Information about organizations outside the association list can also be forwarded to this list, if they are directed at students or are otherwise related to Tamy’s activities. However, information about events are mainly directed to the tapahtuu email list. Meetings of outside organizations are announced only once. Going over Tamy’s themed email lists is also advisable as there is targeted communication about e.g. educational politics and culture and sports events.

Event calendar

Associations can announce their events in Tamy’s online event calendar free of charge. Student Union events are also advertised there. You should announce Information about open events, concerts, parties and sports events as well as association meetings can be sent to Tamy so they can be added to the calendar. All events listed in the event calendar are automatically sent to the tapahtuu email list.

Occasionally some select ads by organizations outside Tamy, such as the University of Tampere, and other events of special interest to students are published. Contact the Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs to add you event to the calendar.

Tamy’s calendar

Tamy’s calendar is distributed to students along with student cards and annual registration stickers in the beginning of the autumn term. Subject associations and other associations working under Tamy can provide an association description for the calendar every spring. the Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs is in charge of compiling the material and they will contact the associations every spring with the instructions on how to send the association descriptions.

Communication in English

Many international degree students and exchange students also study at the University of Tampere who would like to get to know the Finnish student culture. Associations can reach international students via the English information email list ( Associations can send in event announcements in English via the Specialist in International Affairs.

The Tapahtuu weekly bulleting is translated and sent to the IS list whenever Tamy has translation interns. Suitable event announcements will be translated (e.g. no announcements about lectures held entirely in Finnish)

University’s communication

Organizations at the University of Tampere can communicate through the University’s communication channels, especially about events taking place on campus.

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