Domus Club room

(Pellervonkatu 8/Väinämöisenkatu 11)

Located on the ground floor of the oldest hall of residence in Tampere, Vanha Domus, the Domus Clubroom is suited for everything from meetings and board game nights to accommodating visiting colleagues. All associations working under Tamy can reserve the space. The Club room is booked through Tamy’s Services office from where the key is also collected.

Domus Club room terms of use

  1. The Club room must be cleaned after use. The trash must be taken out, the dishes washed and the furniture arranged. If the space is not sufficiently cleaned, the cleaning will be outsourced and billed from your association (minimum €100).
  2. The mattresses in the storage room are meant only for sleeping, not sitting or anything else. They must be placed neatly in the storage room after use and must not be folded. The price of one mattress is €45 and if any misuse is detected, the association will be billed.
  3. Nothing additional things must be left at the Club room.

Tamy’s association room

(Pinni A, 4th floor).

All members of Tamy are welcome to lounge, read or have a cup of coffee in the association room. In addition, its meeting room can be booked for meetings.

Tamy’s Student Association Room is located on the main campus (Pinni A4101, on the top floor opposite the computer lab). It is aimed mainly for student associations that don’t have their own rooms, but any student can lounge there freely during the building’s opening hours. You can get in with your student card in the same way that you can access the computer labs. 

The room consists of a lounge with a kitchenette, a meeting room, a locked store room and an office space. The kitchenette has a dishwasher, a coffee maker, a microwave oven and assorted crockery. The lounge has couches, shelves, noticeboards and chairs. Small gatherings and meetings can be held around coffee tables. In addition, the room has a computer (with an internet connection, of course).

The lounge in the Student Association Room doesn’t have to (and cannot, in fact) be reserved, but there is a smallish meeting room that is suited for the meetings of the executive committees of student associations. It is equipped with a long table, chairs and an overhead projector.

The meeting room can be reserved using the Google-based booking calendar. Anyone can take a look at the booking calendar but you will need a Gmail account to make a reservation. The Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs can provide further information and create accounts for the booking calendar.

The Student Association Room also has a small storage room with lockers for the student associations. The storage room is locked and accessible only for authorized persons. Lockers become available occasionally, and you can enquire after them by contacting the Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs.

Please note:

  • Make sure you leave the room at least as clean as it was before you!
  • Do your dishes or put them in the dishwasher. A cleaner comes in regularly, but it is not their job to load or unload the dishwasher let alone do the dishes. If the dishwasher is filled with dirty dishes, put the dishwasher on; if it is filled with clean dishes, unload it.
  • Recycle your waste.
  • Remember to turn off the coffee maker!
  • The room is intended for quiet lounging, coffee breaks and meetings.

Tamy’s meeting room

(Yliopistonkatu 60 A, 2nd floor).

Tamy’s Meeting Room is located in the Tamy headquarters on the second floor of the Pienteollisuustalo building. It is mainly used by the Student Union, but organizations and associations operating under Tamy can book it for meetings or game nights free of charge.

The room can accommodate around 20 people and the table around 10. The Meeting Room is equipped with a video projector for the sharing of notes and documents. Moreover, the room has loudspeakers and a web camera, which offers the possibility to hold Skype meetings. You may also connect your own computer to the room’s appliances with the scart leat available in the room.

Make sure you book the room early enough, as the Executive Board and some committees meet there regularly! You can book the room by contacting the Services Office. The Meeting Room cannot be booked for Saturdays or Sundays. Reservations are made through Tamy’s Services office. 

Tamy’s group work space Akvaario

(Yliopistonkatu 60 A, 2nd floor).

Tamy’s available rooms also include the group work room named Akvaario (Aquarium). You can reserve it by contacting the Office Secretary or by visiting the office and writing your name on the calendar on Akvaario’s door. There are no computers in Akvaario, but you can borrow a video projector from the Services Office and attach it to your own computer. Maximum 10 people.

Please note

  • Tamy’s office is closed after 4 p.m. If you want to use the room after that and don’t have the keys to the office, you should arrange for someone to open the door for you when booking the room.
  • Regarding the above: the office doors must be kept locked after 4 p.m., which means that you have to separately open the door for everyone coming to your meeting. The visitors can ring the doorbell at Tamy’s door to notify you of their arrival.
  • The Meeting Room and Akvaario must always be cleaned after use and left at least as clean as it was before your use. If you use kitchenware from Tamy’s kitchen, you must do the washing up or at least neatly load the dishwasher. 

University facility leasing

University facility leasing is handled by TAY-Palvelut Oy. Subject, faculty and hobby associations are able to reserve University spaces with an online form, which can be found on the TAY-Palvelut website.

The reservation is free if the event is free for participants and concerns studies in some manner or is in some other manner typical for the association.

A fee for the reservation is charged if the association collects an attendance fee or the event is organized by an organization outside the University, even if the reservation is done through Tamy or one of its associations. In this case, the exact billing details must be included in the form.

The reserving party is responsible for the accuracy of the information they have provided. The provided information affect the reservation of an appropriate space. Please note that reservations must be within the property opening times. A leasing confirmation will be sent to be approved by the client.

For more information, contact the Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs.


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