Hobby associations

Hobby associations

At the moment, approximately 40 hobby associations operate within Tamy. These associations are formed around a hobby or a conviction, and the majority of the members are Tamy’s members. You can usually take part in the activities of hobby associations regardless your field of study.

Through a hobby association, you can for example:

  • make the world a better place.
  • explore the world of beers and wines.
  • act in Tamy’s Council of Representatives.
  • sing in a choir, play in an orchestra or perform on a theatre stage.
  • take part in and organize various cultural activities from literature to dance.
  • become more international, go to sauna, debate, hike, play board games and sports, network and much more!

If the list below doesn’t have an association that represents your interests, you can always set up your own association and apply for Tamy’s association status right now!

Aiesec Tampere ry.  AIESEC is a global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential.  Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management. We develop leadership in young people through practical experiences in challenging environments.

BOSA – Boomi’s Beer Association.  Interdisciplinary beer! BOSA is the nicest of Tamy’s affiliated associations. Come and brew your own beer or just drink it! Our regular beer nights in Gastropub Tuulensuu and other events introduce you to the world of beers. Check out our Facebook  page and our website. A lifetime membership in BOSA will only cost you €5, which also entitles you to the finest overalls badge in town!

Campus chapel is a place of worship located on the 5th floor of Pinni B building. It is open to all students, staff members and visitors. Also if you are into music here you can sing and play the piano.

Cultural Association Keri. Keri is a joint culture association for educational institutions in Tampere. It organizes its members all sorts of happenings: inexpensive visits to theatres and concerts, nature trips, board game evenings, bowling, floor ball, ultimate, miniature golf and other fun stuff. Our motto is: We do what we feel like doing! Join our international group and you won’t be alone!

Eetti – Pro Fair Trade, Tampere local group. Eetti works to promote and support fairer world trade, environmentally sound methods of production and responsible consumerism. Our activities include organizing various campaigns, workshops, seminars, visits to schools, movie nights and everything else that fits the theme and interests you!

ELKI – Association for the Enlivenment of Literature. Off the shelves! ELKI enlivens the culture of letters and tries to create alternatives to the commercialization of literature. ELKI is persistent, innovative and shaped by its members. Join us to create living literature and to breathe new life into the literary life!

ESN FINT (Erasmus Student Network in Tampere). ESN FINT is a visionary student organization, functioning within the universities in Tampere. We bring new colour to the student life by bringing the Finnish and international students together. Our trips to Lapland and Russia and the parties we throw in Tampere are just bursting with multicultural joy. Joy is also cherished in our movie nights, board game nights and the language courses organized by our members, albeit in a somewhat calmer fashion. We are the international Tampere!

FreezeBees. Did you know there’s more than one way to throw a frisbee? Or that the fast-paced team sport played with a frisbee is called ultimate and that you can play it at our university? Well, now you do, so join our ultimate team FreezeBees!

Global Social Work Finland. We support and promote social equity and cooperation in the field of social work. We organize student exchanges for example to Tanzania, Mozambique and Russia, take part in the social debate in Finland, organize study groups and contribute to several charity and development cooperation projects. Join us!

Monroe Film Society. Monroe Film Society has been operating since 1968 and is open to all. Our purpose is to bring together people who are interested in films and to cherish the film culture in Tampere.

NESU-Boomi. NESU-Boomi is dedicated to maintaining connections between business students in the Nordic countries. It is a non-profit and politically independent organization that welcomes all business and economics students in the University.

Nääs-Partio. Nääs-Partio is a student scout troop. Our energetic activities include everything from hiking to sauna bathing and from sledging to cultural experiences. We welcome everyone interested in outdoor activities and scouting whether you have any prior experience or not!

Savotta – the University of Tampere Savonian Students’ Association The purpose is to contribute to the Savonian way of life, as well as participation in cultural activities, in

Sekava. A group for all LGBT students in the Tampere region that offers a wide range of activities, including meetings on every other Wednesday, cultural events, parties and board game nights. And although we have our new members’ meetings every autumn and spring, you are welcome to join us at any time.

Sugoi UTA Tampere University’s very own anime club!

SYY-Tampere. A labour market organisation for employees, graduates and students in public or private sector or NGOs.

Tampere Academic Symphony Orchestra TASO. TASO was founded in 2003 with the aim of offering students and other people interested in music a chance to play in a high-grade orchestra, performing some of the greatest musical pieces ever written. Our musicians don’t need to have formal degrees in music, but we expect at least adequate playing skills, commitment to our orchestra and active practising.

TaKoRu – Reserve Officers of Higher Education Institutions in Tampere. TaKoRu offers various fast-paced reservist activities regardless of your gender or rank. In addition to excellent company, you will get activities such as military training, shooting and paint ball and more relaxed action in the form of excursions, sauna nights and movie nights.

TEN – Young European Federalists Finland. TEN is a local group of the Young European Federalists, actively debating EU and European affairs. We are a politically and religiously independent group and do not shun even the more critical opinions. We organize cultural evenings, seminars, field trips and reading groups and arrange new members’ meetings every autumn.

Tampereen opiskelevat keskustalaiset

Tampereen sosiaalidemokraattinen opiskelijayhdistys – Tasy ry

Tampereen yliopiston Taekwond-Do ry

Tampereen ylioppilasteatteri. This half-a-decade old student theatre is one of the most prominent amateur theatres in the Pirkanmaa region. We currently have around 70 active young members and we hold auditions every year. For more information about auditions, visit our website.

TampiiriTamy’s food circle.

TaPNU. TaPNU is a local branch of the Youth League of the Finnish Norden Association. We organize theme nights connected with Nordic affairs, go on trips near and far and invite young people from the Nordic countries to Tampere.

TAYK – The UN Association of Tampere. Interested in international relations, human rights or for example desertification and the peaceful utilization of space? We are as well! We want to learn more about the UN and then spread the word. We organize field trips, rallies, book clubs and campaigns. Our meetings are held every other week, and you are welcome!

Torvikopla. Torvikopla is a student big band whose players come mainly from the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology.

Tukkateatteri. Tukkateatteri is a theatre group with a production-based approach to theatre and initiating its new members. We aim to look beyond the obvious and to discover new perspectives in our performances. Mostly we work on new, self-written of self-dramatized texts, but occasionally take on Finnish and international classics, too.

TYL – Tampere University Singers. Want to spend your Tuesday nights singing? Have a yen for the folk music classics? TYL wants you! We are a mixed choir dedicated to preserving the academic singing tradition and won’t shy away from trying any music style or period. Auditions are held in September and January.

TYR – Role-players in the University of Tampere. We play, talk and move. Visit our website for more information about us. For the sake of us all: Go bravely with TYR! You can also subscribe to the email list of Spektre to find other people interested in fantasy, science fiction and horror.

TYRMÄYS – Friends of Heavy Metal in the University of Tampere. Hi there! Do all your friends listen to nothing but hideous music? Is it hard to find someone to debate with on Iron Maiden’s singers? Don’t worry, TYRMÄYS will save you! From Angra to Azaghal, Raven to Rammstein or vinyl to flac? Tyrmäys is the association for You! Join our activities that come in the forms of sauna evenings, gigs and excursions! Find us on Facebook.

TYVE – Tampere University’s vegans

Tyko – Tampereen kokoomusopiskelijat.

TYPO – Tampereen Yliopiston Pohjalainen Osakunta.

Tampere Debate Society. Develop your skills in argumentation, public speaking, persuasion and communication. Open to all Finnish and international students. Come join us in our weekly debates and other fun activities! No previous experience needed!

UtaDance. Welcome to the world of dance on the three Tampere campuses! UtaDance organizes multiple opportunities to dance show, jazz and street dance in the three Tampere higher education institutions (UTA, TUT and TAMK). Whether you’re a student or a staff member, you can join our dance courses and events. In UtaDance we create everything with mere student power, for both domestic and international students and staff members.



Vastavalo Photography Club. Vastavalo is your route to the world of photography. Whether you occasionally snap a picture or devote yourself passionately to the values of aesthetics, we have a lot to offer!

Vattu. Queer feminist organization at the University of Tampere.

Viva – The Green Left in the University of Tampere

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