Operational grant

Operational grant

General information about associations’ operational grant

Every year, Tamy’s Executive Board bestows operational grant to the subject associations, faculty associations and hobby associations operating under Tamy. The purpose of the operational grant is to support the association’s activities. Associations’ operational grant is not granted for smaller projects; for that purpose, associations can apply for Tamy’s project support.

All associations with Tamy’s association status are entitled to apply for operational grant. Tamy gives out a list of all authorized associations in January.

In addition to Tamy’s association status, associations applying for operational grant must have at least ten members (excluding associations that do not have natural person members). Associations (registered or unregistered) must have a bank account in their name.

The Council of Representatives determines the sum appropriated for operational grant when it approves Tamy’s budget. In 2018, €28,788 is reserved for subject and faculty association operational grants and €10,485 for hobby association operational grants.

If an association operating within Tamy does not apply for operational grant, it must leave an association announcement by the end of the application period for the operational grant. The forms are available at the Forms for Associations page.

Read more about the Operational grant from the Association Standing Order (pdf).

Criteria and application period

Operational grant is bestowed on the grounds of the association’s planned and executed activities. During the decision-making process, the association’s activities are compared to the activities of other associations that have applied for operational grant. The application period usually begins in the beginning of December and ends in February/March of the following year.

Find more information about the application periods and criteria for granting operational grants linked below.

Operational grants 2018

Tamy’s Executive Board decided on bestowing grants to associations operating within Tamy on 12 April 2018.

Hobby associations 2018
Hobby associations_additional list 2018
Subject/faculty associations 2018

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