Hobby association operational grant

Hobby association operational grant application

One of Tamy’s main tasks is supporting the associations working under it with annually distributed operational grants. The Executive Board decides on the grants based on the proposal of the Committee for Organizational Affairs.

The application period for hobby associations’ operational grants opens on Friday 8 December 2017 and ends on Friday 23 February 2018 at 4 p.m. The annual report, the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet approved in the association meeting must be sent via email to the Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs no later than Friday 30 March 2018 at 4 p.m., if the association has only sent preliminary versions of the aforementioned documents together with their operational grant application. Tamy’s Executive Board will make decisions on the hobby associations’ operational grants for the year 2018 by 13 April 2018.

Operational grant application instructions

The operation grant application includes a questionnaire about the association’s activities and all necessary attachments. Read the instructions carefully.

The application and attached documents

The operational grant application includes:

  • an online form including all the basic information of the association, as well as a questionnaire about the association’s previous activities in and its plans for next year. E-form is now closed.

The attachments needed for the operational grant application:

  • annual report of the previous term
  • activity calendar of the previous year (a template is available on Tamy’s website: https://tamy.fi/en/associations/forms-for-associations)
  • financial statement’s profit and loss statement and balance sheet for the previous accounting period
  • strategy for the term at issue
  • budget for the accounting period at issue

If the association’s term is not same as the calendar year, the documents of the previous accounting period or the accounting period at issue are attached in the application. All associations must provide an activity calendar for the previous calendar year, based on the Tamy template.

At the very least, preliminary drafts or estimates of the annual report, the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet must be provided. Please remember to state in your application form if the attached documents have not yet been approved in you association’s board meeting.

The documents are delivered in PDF format.

Template for the activity calendar can be found here: https://tamy.fi/en/associations/forms-for-associations.

Criteria for granting operational grants

The hobby associations’ operational grant applications are processed by the Committee for Organizational Affairs, which reviews the applications and their attachments in terms of the activities of the previous year and those planned for the current year. The Specialist in Organizational Affairs acts as the committee’s secretary. The committee makes a proposal to the Executive Board of Tamy on granting the operational grants, and the Executive Board makes the decisions on allocating the operational grants.

The committee will review the association’s activities and the diversity of the activities in relation to the association’s purpose. In addition, the six sectors listed below are taken into consideration when deciding on the grant amounts. Points are also given for taking international students into consideration in the different sectors. The committee will evaluate the quality and quantity of the association’s activities according to the criteria indicated in these sectors and gives points based on the evaluation (criteria 2017 in Finnish: https://tamy.fi/media/harrasteyhdistysten-pisteytyskriteerit-2017.pdf).

  1.  Association’s members. A sufficient number of the hobby association’s members (usually at least 50%) must be members of Tamy. If the hobby association has less than 10 members, it cannot receive an operational grant.
  2.  Student-oriented and student-centred activities. Student activity in the association and cooperation with the Student Union, Tamy’s associations or other student associations are viewed as assets.
  3.  Content of the activities. The activities of a hobby association operating within Tamy must in some essential way complement the hobby and activity opportunities of Tamy’s members. The activities’ effectiveness on Tamy’s members and the realization of equality are also evaluated in this sector.
  4.  Communication. Points are given for well-organized communication which reaches its target group and takes equality and international students into consideration. Points are also given for active communication cooperation with Tamy.
  5.  Finances. Orderliness in the management of finances, association’s fund-raising and relative financial independence from Tamy’s operational grant are seen as assets.
  6.  Organizational continuity and development. Clear documentation, good feedback practices and deliberate means to develop the association’s activities are seen as assets. Taking equality, communality and environmental issues into consideration in the activities also affects the evaluation.

According to section 8 b of the Act on Political Parties and SYL’s directions, Tamy’s Executive Board will not allocate a grant to an association which, according to its rules, belongs to a political party or a membership association of a political party or has the right to appoint or participate in the appointment of persons into the confidential bodies of a political party or its membership association. Merely receiving funding from a political party association does not by itself prevent an association from receiving an operational grant.

The Specialist in Organizational Affairs may request a detailed report on an association’s connections to political parties. The requested report must be delivered within a period of time that the association has agreed upon with the Specialist.

Categorisation of hobby associations

As there is a wide range of different kinds of hobby associations operating within Tamy, comparing them can be challenging if they are not divided into three separate groups. The Committee for Organizational Affairs proposes that the hobby associations be divided into the following three classes:

Class 1 hobby associations have few members, but their regular activities meet the needs of the members. The association’s activity has a clear, fixed purpose. Associations belonging to this class receive an operational grant of €50–250.

Class 2 hobby associations are average-sized, or the number of their members is clearly increasing. The activities of these associations are diverse and target-oriented. In addition to established activities, the associations have varying productions which are developed. The associations’ activities are also targeted to others than the associations’ members. Associations belonging to this class receive a grant of over €150 and up to a maximum of €500.

Class 3 hobby associations have a large number of members, or the majority of their members is actively involved in the activities (e.g. by playing in an orchestra or participating in productions). These associations organize large productions, and their activity is also clearly targeted to others than just their own members. Associations belonging to this class receive a grant of over €400.

Sanctions for late application submission

The online application form closes at the end of the application period on 23 February 2018 at 4 p.m. If your association misses this deadline, please inform the Specialist in Organizational Affairs immediately, no later than 2 March 2018, and ask for a direct link to an open application form.

Missing the operational grant application deadline (the operational grant application includes the online form questionnaire and all required attachments) by a maximum of one week reduces the sum of the operational grant by 10 percent. If the application or an attachment is sent over a week, but no more than two weeks, late, the reduction will be 30 percent. If the application or an attachment is submitted more than two weeks late of the due date, or if the association fails to ask for a link to an open online form by 2 March 2018, the application will not be processed and no operational grant will be granted.

If the documents approved in the association meeting cannot be approved by the due date according to the association’s rules or because of some other justifiable reason, the association needs to inform the Specialist in Organizational Affairs of the delay and its reasons by 30 March 2018 at the latest. An extension to the deadline of producing the documents can be granted for two months at the most for reasons pertaining to issues regarding the association’s rules or financial statement.  If the Specialist is not notified of the delay regarding the approved association documents, the grant sum will be reduced by 30 percent. The operational grant will not be paid until Tamy has received the application and all its attachments.

Sanctions for the misuse of an operational grant

An operational grant may, if Tamy’s Executive Board so decides, be withdrawn in full or in part from the beneficiary, if the grant is used for some other purpose than for that stated in the application, or if the applicant has supplied Tamy incorrect information or otherwise misled the Student Union. Before the grant is ordered to be returned or a waiting period is imposed, Tamy requests the association under suspicion for an account on the matter. As a sanction, Tamy may also decide not to award any grants to the association in question in the year following the misuse.

In cases of a serious misuse, Tamy’s Executive Board has the right to have the grant beneficiary’s all activities and spending reviewed by an auditor, for which purpose the beneficiary is obliged to present all relevant documents and to assist in auditing them.

For more information, contact the Specialist in Organizational Affairs.

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