Subject and faculty associations

Subject and faculty associations

Subject associations are associations founded by students of one or more subject that organize activities for their members. They also act as supervisors of interest and representatives in their own department or faculty. In their faculty, a subject association can have their say in e.g. planning the curriculum, improving the study environment and upholding a positive atmosphere.

Please note that some of the associations currently operate (mainly) in Finnish, but this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be welcome to join them. If there’s an association you find interesting, please don’t hesitate to contact them!

Associations not affiliated with a specific faculty or university

Pointer (student association of the University Consortium of Pori)
TIPSY (Tampere International Peace Students’ Yawl)

Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences (MED)

Biopsi (Biotechnology)
Tampereen Lääketieteen Kandidaattiseura TLK (Medicine)

Faculty of Natural Sciences (LUO)

Luuppi (Computer sciences, Mathematics and Statistics)

Faculty of Management (JKK)

Johtamiskorkeakoulun ylioppilaat (JKY) (faculty association)
AdHoc (Administrative Science)
Boomi (Business)
Fiskus (Public Financial Management)
Hallat (Local Public Economics, Local Public Law and Local and Regional Governance)
Iltakoulu (International Relations and Political Science)
JuJu (Public Law)
Pareto (Economics)
Spatikka (Environmental Policy and Regional Studies)
Staabi (Administrative Sciences in general in School of Management)
Tariffi (Insurance Science)
VOO (Tax Law)

Faculty of Education (EDU)

Tampereen kasvatustieteiden opiskelijat Kasvo ry (faculty association)
ITU (Early Childhood Education)
Mentor (Education and Adult Education)
Oka (Teacher Education)
TamAus (Pedagogical Studies in the University of Tampere)

Faculty of Communication Sciences (COMS)

Vico (faculty association)

Kopula (Finnish language)
Lexica (Philology and Modern Languages)
Teema (Finnish Literature and Comparative Literature)
Transla (Translation Studies)
UDK (Information Studies and Interactive Media)
Näty (Theatre)
Vostok (Journalism and Mass Communication)
Reettorit (Speech communication)

Faculty of Social Sciences (SOC)

Salus (Nursing Science and Public Health)
Aatos (Philosophy)
Cortex (Psychology)
Interaktio (Sociology, Social Psychology, Social Anthropology, Social Policy & Gender Studies)
Patina (History)
SOS (Social Work)
Utopia (Subject association of the Pori unit)

Ääni (Logopedics)

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