Trainings and consultation


Tamy organizes association training events for associations operating within Tamy each academic year.

The most important trainings are the Big Association Blast in the spring (organized since 2014) and the treasurers’ trainings in the spring and autumn. The Big Association Blast which takes place in January-February includes training in e.g. communication, organization activities and supervision of interests. Tamy also trains associations’ academic affairs organizers and offers orientation for the student representatives in University administration regularly: Academic Affairs Cocktails are for networking between hallopeds and academic affairs organizers, but the KOO evenings are open events focusing on current events on academic affairs. There are also separate events for tutors. Tamy can also organize other trainings when necessary.

In addition to the training events, the active members of the association should also remember that they can get useful information also in the chairs’ meetings and at the committees’ meetings. Tamy communicates the dates and times of the training events on Tamy’s website, on email lists, and at association meetings. It is also useful to follow other association channels in e.g. social media.

If you have any questions or new ideas about training events, contact our Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs!

Chairs’ meetings

The chairs of Tamy’s associations are invited to chairs’ meetings monthly (Jan-April and Sept-Dec). The meetings are usually held in a local pub, sauna facility, a lecture room at the University or Tamy’s office.

The meetings are designed for Tamy to keep in contact with associations and to tell the chairs about current events. The associations can also introduce topics and network.

The documents and memos of the meetings are shared in the chairs’ Facebook group (Tamy-PJ), and email list. Before the meetings, information about the time, the meeting’s agenda, current issues and memos are distributed to the chairs. If you’ve missed a meeting, you can view the meeting’s memo later.


The Student Union offers their members and associations free consultation on e.g. organization activities, studying, studies, student livelihood and harassment. Additionally, the possibility of free legal counselling is offered to members.

If your matter concerns organizational activities, please turn to the Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs who is happy to answer any questions.

Other consults at Tamy include e.g.:

  • Specialist in Academic Affairs, who can answer questions related to studying and studies, students’ legal protection and the University administration.
  • Specialist in International Affairs, who can answer questions related to associations’ international matters.
  • Specialist in Social Welfare Affairs, who can answer questions related to equal opportunities.
  • Community Specialist, who can answer questions related to fundraising.

The Specialists in Academic Affairs and Social Welfare Affairs are also Tamy’s anti-harassment contact persons, who can help associations in harassment cases. The contact info can be found here.

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