Anti-harrassment contact persons

Anti-harassment contact persons

Tamy has two anti-harassment persons that any student can contact in case they face difficult or disturbing situations with their fellow students, University’s staff members or someone else.

The Student Union’s anti-harassment contact persons are Tamy’s Specialists in Academic Affairs and Social Welfare Affairs. A message sent to will reach both of them. You can also contact both anti-harassment contact persons personally.

Anti-harassment contact person handles your situation with absolute confidentiality and you can choose the best course of action together. No actions will be taken without your initiative and you can assess the situation by talking with the contact person. Contacting the anti-harassment contact person as early as possible is recommended and retaining emails and other messages as evidence will make processing the situation easier.

No one should tolerate hurtful or unpleasant behaviour. If you are harassed, you shouldn’t try to find fault in yourself. Harassment is a violation of your autonomy and goes against the principle of equal treatment.

Anyone can influence the atmosphere and practices in their community. You can prevent and fight off harassment by taking a stand against offensive joking when you hear it.

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