Facebook pages and groups

Facebook groups and pages

Tamy has multiple Facebook groups related to different activities that provide information about current affairs and a platform for discussion. Some of the groups are open for all interested parties and others are aimed for people in a position related to the group.

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Tamy’s Development Cooperation

Women Culture Days

Tamy’s Culture Section (archive)

International and development cooperation groups

Tamy’s International Students

Tamy Committee for International Affairs

Tamy’s international affairs organizers 2018

Academic affairs groups

Tamy’s academic affairs organizers

Tampere3 student forum

Tamy’s student representatives in Tampere3 working groups

Social welfare affairs groups

Tamy’s social welfare affairs organizers

Groups for association actives

Tamy’s organizational activists

Tamy’s association chairs’ group

Tamy’s association event organizers’ 2018

Council of Representatives group

Tamy’s Council of Representatives 2017-2018

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