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A diffusion of departments

This year I’ve been working in tutoring, international affairs and development cooperation. These are quite distinguished from one another, so I’ve done event organizing, position papers on educational politics, recruitment, association cooperation and all kinds of shenanigans on the side. Cooperation with university administration has been a big part of my job as well. The […]

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Join Tamy, your student union!

Your student union, Tamy, offers you a great deal of benefits and services varying from student health care services and the multi-purpose student card to generous discounts in public transport. You can join the Student Union by paying the membership fee by the deadline 30 September 2017 – be sure not to miss it! The […]

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Finland, by all means, is being associated with its cold winters, eternal darkness and silence, moments of which locals often experience. It reflects on Finnish culture, rhythm of life and business style. Nevertheless, Finland has proven to be a perfect career kick-start for any young person, both local and foreign, student and unemployed, artist and […]

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Did you know there will be only one university in Tampere? — Neither did we!

For your information, A steering group formed by principals and chairs of the Tampere area universities has, by itself and without dialogue with university executive boards or student unions, published  the below announcement, which gives the impression that a new joint university is being built to Tampere. It was still this morning that principal Kaija […]

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