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Welcome to Organization Start 30.1.2018!

This is going to be huge: TTYY’s and Tamy’s Organization Start will be an exceptionally big organization education event in Finland – 400 participants, 30 educators, 15 workshops. Welcome!

Organization Start is a joint education event for both TTYY’s and Tamy’s organization’s board members. The event replaces the traditional Guild Training Day and Gala of TTYY and Big Organization Blast of Tamy. This is an excellent opportunity to get new information as well as a unique chance to meet other organization actives from both universities.

There are altogether about 15 workshops, at least one held in English. The workshops will be held at TUT campus in Hervanta between 12-17. The evening programme will be at Pakkahuone and Klubi in the centrum from 19. Before the evening programme, there’s an opportunity to participate in a facility tour in TUT. Bus transportation from Tampere-talo to Hervanta before the workshops and from Hervanta to Pakkahuone are provided for participants.

The sign-up opens 15.12. and will be open until January. The event is free. The specific workshop program will be published before sign-up begins. Save the date 30.1.2018!

Soon is time for the last separate organization year 2018 ♥


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