Emma Kontiokorpi is the winner of A. E. Jännes writing competition of 2017!

This year, a surprisingly large number of people participated in the A. E. Jännes writing contest, producing a total of 155 texts!

The contest was organized by the Student Union of the University of Tampere and literature organization ELKI ry, and this year, its theme was “Blue dreams”. The winners were selected by a jury which consisted of representatives of Tamy and ELKI ry, university lecturer Maria Laakso and actor/musician Heikki Silvennoinen.

Emma Kontiokorpi was selected as the winner. Helmi Järvenkorpi came second, and Valtteri Purmonen as third. The winners were awarded at Tamy’s Anniversary Celebrations on 24 November.

The winning texts are available in Finnish:

  1. Emma Kontiokorpi
  2. Helmi Järvenkorpi
  3. Valtteri Purmonen


In 1954, Elli and Niilo Jännes donated 100,000 Finnish marks to Tamy’s predecessor, the Student Union of the Civic College to be used as the Arvi Emil Jännes Memorial Fund. The donation letter states that the resources must be used annually “to reward the most distinguished students in the poetry class of the Student Union’s hobby competition. The award may first be given in the 1956 hobby competition. If the hobby competition is not arranged, that year’s income from interest shall be added to the funds in total.” Usually the competition is arranged every few years in cooperation with ELKI ry.


For additional information, visit the writing contest’s home page.

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