“Saako nousta / Let’s Get Up” Campaign

Tamy’s Committee for Social Welfare Affairs wants to raise awareness on the time students spend sitting on a daily basis. Published by OLL in 2013, the report on sports and physical activity in higher education was the first to study the time students spend sitting. According to the report, the median time students in higher education spend sitting is 9–10 hours per day, which is approximately one hour more than generally in the adult population.

During long lectures, the harmful effects of sitting become more pronounced. Physical inactivity has a negative effect on concentration, for example. Just standing up or walking around for 30 seconds improves your well-being. For these reasons, the Committee for Social Welfare Affairs launches a campaign week with the theme “Saako nousta / Let’s Get Up”. The campaign takes place during week 46 (13 – 17/11/2018). The committee encourages all students to ask their lecturers for a brief break for stretching or standing in the middle of a lecture (but please note that not all facilities are suitable for this).

The University personnel will also be notified about the campaign. You can follow related posts on Tamy’s Instagram account on 13 – 14/11/2017. The discussion continues for the whole week on different social media channels with the hashtags #letsgetup and #saakonousta.

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