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There will be a students’ and staff members’ walkout tomorrow in the University of Tampere to protest the draft for the administrative rule which threatens university autonomy. A Facebook-event of the walkout can be found HERE.
The gathering will start at 11.45 in the Main lobby of the UTA Main building. In the beginning the representatives of the university community will shortly go through the motives of the walkout. After that we will march out together. Later on, it is possible to move to the TUT where there will be a discussion event of the administrative rule starting at 13.15.

The program of the organizers looks like this:
– A bus drive to Hervanta might be organized, but it is also easy to take bus number 6, which stops at the University at 12.29 and arrives very close to the TUT.
– If you’d like to say something to the transitionary board of the new Tampere University, you can write it on a piece of paper in the event. The greetings of the university community will be taken to the discussion event in the TUT.
– Feel free to make your own banners and take them to the walkout, but please don’t use any signs of a political party.
– We encourage you to do your own performances too.
– We will light a “light of sense and hope” together so take a candle with you.

More of the motives of the walkout can be seen in the petition (see the link below) which can be signed until Thursday evening. It is strongly recommended to sign the petition because the name list will be given to the Transitionary Board on Saturday.

The Transitionary Board released its draft for the administrative rule during the weekend. The draft includes many points that can be interpreted to be against the law and at least threatening the university autonomy.

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