Soile Koski-Aho is Tamy’s candidate for the chair of OLL Board

Announcement 26.10.2017

The Student Union of University of Tampere nominates Soile Koski-Aho, Bachelor of Education, as their candidate for the chair of the Finnish Student Sports Federation’s (OLL) Board for 2018.

As a member of Tamy’s Executive Board, Koski-Aho has been in charge of the Student Union’s events, corporate cooperation as well as improving the sports services and students’ wellbeing.

Koski-Aho, a student of lifelong learning and education, has participated in developing new concepts for promoting wellbeing, such as the first-ever study retreat organized this spring. Koski-Aho is familiar with representing the Student Union on a local level, and in meetings, she has also actively expressed the importance of developing different sports options.

“The Finnish Student Sports Federation has become an important union for me in the course of this year, and I would like to participate in developing its activities in the future as well. Sports is a shared interest for everyone. OLL needs to lead the way in creating a more sports-centred university culture, which includes, for example, reducing the time spent sitting down. In order to remain relevant in the future, OLL needs to clarify and focus their activities, especially when it comes to taking action on a national level.”

Koski-Aho has leadership experience from student associations and previous work experience.

“During the five years I have studied, I have been involved in different organizations from student associations to trade unions. I have gained experience on peer leadership from summer jobs when I worked as an immediate superior to children’s instructors. I have also been in the position of vice-chair in my student association, Mentor ry.”

According to Koski-Aho, a leader should be a peer leader whose duty it is to ensure the progress of the union, the functionality of the work community, and the closeness of collaboration with all of the member organizations. A chairperson needs to have the will and the skills to create new policies and ideas. Still, having equal and functional relations with other members of the board and the personnel is the foundation for everything.

“As she is an approachable and positive person, the cooperation with Soile related to the wellbeing of students has been excellent. She has experience on developing concepts for new activities and student sports as well as a background in organizational work, which gives her the abilities to lead the OLL,” says Kirsi Mänty, the Head of University Sports in Tampere.

OLL will appoint the Board for 2018 in their union meeting held at Vierumäki on 9 – 10 November 2017. OLL is a union which supervises students’ interests and the development of sports in higher education.


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