Students showed interest in Tamy’s representative elections – voter turnout 31.33%

The results of the Student Union’s representative elections are now clear. The votes were divided exceptionally evenly between the electoral alliances: 13 electoral alliances out of 14 got at least one seat in the Council of Representatives. Four of the electoral alliances were able to get the most seats: the Green Left in the University of Tampere secured 6 seats in the council, while the Green List, HALLI and Vapaaboomarit got 5 seats each. The new electoral alliance, Contact, was the biggest riser in the elections with 3 seats.

Approximately 11,000 students of the University of Tampere were eligible to vote, and 3,485 of them voted in the representative elections. This year, the voter turnout was 31.33%, whereas during the 2015 representative elections, 28.79% of the students voted. The turnout has been growing during the last representative elections.

“It’s great to see that students have voted so eagerly! The election results show the influence of the Tampere3 process. The higher education merger affects all students. Now the students have wanted to vote for the best representatives to complete the process,” says Mikael Malkamäki, the chair of the Council of Representatives, after seeing the election results.

The Student Union’s representative elections were held 7 – 8 November. 16.11% of the voters voted in advance on 30 October – 3 November. The elections had a total of 249 candidates from 14 electoral alliances as well as two candidates from outside the alliances. The council elected this year will be the last for the Student Union Tamy in its current form, and its term of office will only be one year.

The report of election results before the recount (in Finnish): lopulliset_tamyvaali2017.

The distribution of seats in the Council of Representatives by electoral circles and electoral alliances (change from the 2015 elections)

Electoral alliance: Center Students 1 (+1)

Electoral circle Punavihreä Kupla (“Green left bubble”) 12

Electoral alliance: Social Democratic Students 1 (+1)

Electoral alliance: The Green Left in the University of Tampere 6 (-1)

Electoral alliance: Green List 5 (-1)

Electoral alliance: Patriotic Right-Wing Environmentalists 0

Electoral alliance: Students of National Coalition 2 (0)

Electoral circle: Allianssi 25

Electoral alliance: Medical students 4 (-2)

Electoral alliance: HALLI 5 (0)

Electoral alliance: The Unaligned Social Scientists 2 (-2)

Electoral alliance: Vapaaboomarit 5 (0)

Elecctoral alliance: Luuppi_Party 2 (0)

Electoral alliance: Contact 3 (+3)

Electoral alliance: BOSA Beer Party 1 (0)

Electoral alliance: The Unaligned Educationists 3 (+1)


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