Tamy’s Executive Board was reorganized – Venla Monter chosen as the new vice-chair

Tamy’s Executive Board was reorganized in their latest meeting on 5 October 2017, as Suvi Mäkeläinen stood down as vice-chair of the Board. For the rest of the Board’s term of office, the position of vice-chair will be taken on by Venla Monter. In addition to being the new vice-chair, Monter will still be in charge of organizational affairs and matters related to communication and culture in the Executive Board.

“I’m looking forward to the challenges during the end of this year. Being the vice-chair will give me new insight into the Board’s work, and interesting things will certainly come up,” says Monter.

Mäkeläinen has stood down as vice-chair as she will run for president of the political organization Keskustanuoret. Mäkeläinen will still be responsible for matters related to financial affairs, municipal politics and health in Tamy’s Board.

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