TAYK ry is the winner of the Association Contest 2017!

The theme of the Association Contest 2017 (18/05–15/10/2017) was internationality. A total of nine Tamy’s associations entered the contest.

The Committee for International Affairs chose TAYK ry, the UN Association of Tampere, as the winner of the Association Contest. The Students of the Faculty of Management, JKY ry, came second. The committee also gave a special mention to Salus ry.

Creating an international atmosphere and developing as international actives were considered important criteria for selecting the winners. The report given by TAYK was the clear winner. The association’s board has members from different countries and their communication is largely bilingual. The association organizes various events, some of which are also alcohol-free. The association also submitted their report both in Finnish and English.

The jury found that JKY ry has quickly developed their activities. In their activities, the association emphasizes internationality which crosses subject association boundaries. Internationality is also taken into account in their communication, tutoring and supervision of interests. In addition to the certificates, the winners received a cash prize.

Salus ry received a special mention. For a small subject association, their activities are heading into the right direction. The association takes exchange students into account and encourages their Finnish members to internationalize. The Committee for International Affairs encourages Salus ry to continue their great progress.

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