Tamy’s members include all students taking a lower or a higher basic degree at the University of Tampere, as well as those postgraduate and exchange students at the University of Tampere who have joined the Student Union. Basic degree students automatically become members of the Student Union when they enrol as present at the University.

Basic degree (Bachelor’s and Master’s degree) students have access to general, mental and oral health care services provided by the FSHS. The most important benefit is the student card which costs €10 and all the discounts it brings. The student card also works as an access card in the University facilities. Tamy also provides a variety of services to its members and its associations including the student union newspaper Aviisi, free legal counselling, events, guidance, trainings and much more. Every student also has the opportunity to become involved in Tamy’s activities.

The Student Union supervises the interests of its members in the University of Tampere and Tampere in general. This means advocacy work and active communication regarding student issues including education, livelihood, housing and internationalization. Tamy’s most important statutory task is to nominate student representatives into the administrations of the University and its faculties. This enables student representation where decisions affecting them are made.

The national level influencer is National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) to which Tamy also belongs. Student Unions have both separately and together negotiated all the aid systems and benefits, including the VR and Matkahuolto discounts. Examples of national level supervision of interests is the #koulutuslupaus campaign during the parliamentary elections and including students under the General Housing Allowance.

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