Advocacy at the University

Advocacy at the University

Academic affairs covers questions related to teaching and education, University administration and higher education institutions around Finland which concern all students. The length of the right to study, tuition fees, maximum duration of exam results evaluation and developing the study spaces are only a few examples of matters included in the academic affairs sector’s work. Advocacy and development work related to Tampere 3 also belong to Tamy’s domain.

The tasks of Tamy’s academic affairs sector includes promoting flexible and quality study options for students and to influence the activities of the university community. Tamy supervises students’ interests in both day-to-day problems and higher education sphere reformations. The supervision of interests is implemented as stated in the Policy Document approved by the Council of Representatives.

Most of the advocacy work done by the Student Union happens behind closed doors because the most fruitful period for supervision of interests is during the preparation stages. This type of work is done by meeting with the University’s administrative bodies and University administration and by participating in the working groups. Tamy participates in national level supervision of interests through the National Union of University Students in Finland, SYL. The results have a significant impact on the everyday life of students. One of the concrete examples is the introduction of electronic exams.

The Student Union works in cooperation with the Committee for Academic Affairs, faculty and subject associations and hallopeds. To support the supervision of interests in all administrative levels, Tamy provides regular trainings to the student representatives in University administration called hallopeds, as well as the associations’ academic affairs organizers. Additionally, the Student Union organizes open academic affairs events and manages the related thematic emails lists and the Facebook group.

In addition to Tamy and the associations, every student has various opportunities for advocating in the University. Information about practical academic affairs matters can be found in Kopo-opas and the documents in Kopo-folder [in Finnish]. The Study Guide of the University also contains basic information on matters relating to studying and the University. You can give feedback about academic affairs activities to the Specialist in Academic Affairs and the Executive Board’s academic affairs organizers.

The Specialist in Academic Affairs works full-time at the Student Union and can be contacted in matters related to students’ legal protection, general counselling and trainings and the selection and changeover of hallopeds.

The academic affairs organizers hold positions of trust in the Student Union and act as part of the Executive Board. The academic affairs organizers can be contacted in matters related to Tamy’s policies and supervision of students’ interests and also when you have new ideas to present!

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