Health care

Health care

Tamy’s health care related supervision of interests focuses on the quality services provided by FSHS. Accessibility, equitable targeting of fees, and improving the cooperation of FSHS and the municipal health care services are important supervision of interests’ aspects. Tamy is also actively advocating for the role of FSHS in the health and social services reform. Find more information about Tamy’s health care related work on the Policy Document.


The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) provides general, dental and mental health services for all basic degree (Bachelor’s and Master’s degree) students who have enrolled as present and have paid the Student Union membership fee. The FSHS Tampere units are:

The FSHS fee is paid together with the Student Union membership fee annually and it cannot be payed separately. For those who have paid the fee, most FSHS services are free of charge. Some services, such as dental care, specialist services, some medical statements and no-show appointments are subject to charge. See the FSHS website for more information about the fees.

Municipal health care services

The FSHS is the primary health care provider for students. However, student health centres are closed during nights and weekends. If you need acute medical care when the health centres are closed, contact municipal health care services:

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