Tamy promotes student housing in Tampere. The Student Union influences TOAS’s activities and the City’s housing politics. Municipal level advocacy work is done in cooperation with Ryhmä 35 000, which is a group comprised of students from Tampere supervising students’ interests in the municipal level. Its objectives include planning student apartment building in central areas of the city, more flexible parking requirements and the promotion of forms of collective housing. Ryhmä 35 000 influences the policy makers, commits the municipal election candidates to the group’s objectives and follows their progress between the elections. Accomplishments in the last few years include building new student apartments in Tampere yearly and finding housing for everyone during the autumn’s rush period.

The Tampere Student Housing Foundation TOAS

TOAS is a safe landlord which allows you to continue living there until the end of your studies and to change apartments during that time. The quickest and easiest way to apply for an apartment is to apply online. Most of the international students in Tampere live in TOAS student apartments. TOAS offers furnished apartments with fixed-term leasing contracts. The number of furnished apartments is limited and it is important to apply for an apartment as soon as possible.

Rental apartments on the open market

Opiskelijan Tampere provides a link between the open market and students in Tampere. You can both offer an apartment for rent or find one for yourself. The service is free for both the person leasing their apartment and the person looking for an apartment.

Housing companies usually charge an average of one month’s rent for their services. Additionally landlords most often require 1-3 months’ rent as a deposit. When you rent an apartment, carefully check the rental agreement to make sure that you know what you’re agreeing to. There is information about tenant’s rights on Vuokraturva, including what information the landlords are allowed to ask and collect. If you are unsure about your rights as a tenant, please contact Tamy’s Specialist in Social Welfare Affairs.

The University of Tampere online flea market

There is an online flea market in the University’s intra for the University’s staff and students where apartments are also advertised. You need your basic user account to log in.

Temporary housing

Opiskelijan Tampere arranges emergency accommodation for students in need of short-term accommodation in the beginning of the term in autumn. Related information is updated on the Opiskelijan Tampere website.

Alternative solutions

The Housing Market Place (Asuntotori) provides information on the available types of housing and advice on how to look for accommodation. You can also find the customer service of the following landlords suitable for students:

You can also search for apartments on the websites of these landlords:

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