Despite Finland’s steadily progressing internationalization, Finnish society can still be a challenging place if you don’t know the Finnish language and culture. You may experience difficulties in protecting your rights especially if you haven’t spent much time in the country. This is where the Student Union comes in: it is Tamy’s purpose to supervise the interests of students. To make sure the rights of international students are protected as well, Tamy has an international affairs sector that fights for the international students’ cause. The international affairs sector also includes development cooperation.

Tamy’s international affairs sector strives to promote the internationalization of Finnish students at the University. In order to support the internationalization of students, it is vital that the University offers enough language and communication studies, arranges student exchanges and other means of internationalization and makes it easy for students to incorporate their studies abroad into their degree. One of the best ways to get to know the international students is to become an international tutor.

If you wish to know more about Tamy’s supervision of interests for international students, please contact the Specialist in International Affairs.

Every year, close to one thousand international students attend the University of Tampere. Approximately half of them are master’s degree students completing their whole degree here in Finland. Many different faculties provide master’s or doctoral studies in English for international degree students.

The other half are exchange students who only stay in Tampere for a short time. Most exchange students are Erasmus students, but some come to Finland through bilateral exchange agreements and a few have obtained their study place independently.

Supervision of interests in the international affairs sector

The supervision of interests for the international academic affairs includes defending free of charge education, promoting language course offerings and influencing the international master’s programmes offered by the University. It is important for the master’s programmes to provide a solid base for studying and getting employed in Finland. The international affairs sector’s supervision of academic interests includes employment of the international students and international competence of the Finnish students in relation to the working life. Tamy considers it beneficial for everybody to promote pluralism, free education and internationalization within the society and among students.

The supervision of interests in the social welfare sector includes housing, insurance, residence permit and health care issues of international students. For housing issues you can contact the Specialist in Social Welfare Affairs.

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