The Committee for International Affairs

The Committee for International Affairs is a discussion forum for anybody interested in the internationalization of the university community. The Committee’s tasks include keeping the student associations up to date in terms of international affairs, participating in the tuition fee discussion and supporting the internationalization of the Student Union and the University.

International affairs organizers in subject associations

International affairs organizer acts as a link between the subject association and Tamy and passed information in both directions. They inform their subject association about current matters in international affairs and acts as an expert on their subject association in Tamy. Often international affairs organizers also recruit international tutors for their subject association.

Working on international affairs issues will give you a different perspective – join us! International affairs organizers receive training in Tamy’s Big Association Blast in January and in international tutoring training in February.

The Specialist in International Affairs keeps a list of the organizers’ contact information, so make sure you give your details to her. The Committee for International Affairs is also there to help the organizers. Remember to join the IS-list and kv-tutorit email lists.

International activities in subject associations

Almost every degree programme takes new international students twice a year. International students are Tamy’s members just like Finnish students and deserve to have their fair share of student associations’ events and activities. Besides, exchange students often take part in parties and events especially enthusiastically, so they might just give your subject association a welcome pick-me-up. It definitely pays off to go the extra mile to find those international students!

The coordinators of international education of your faculty has a list of admitted international students and their contact information and you should utilise this information. Your subject association can take some time to think how you could best reach your international students: is it by contacting them through their tutors, by contacting them individually or by adding them to your subject association’s mailing list (if you do this, remember to provide information in English). Your subject association’s website and social media account(s) should also have some information about your activities in English!


ESN FINT organizes activities and events for international students at the University of Tampere. ESN FINT’s biggest target group is exchange students, but we welcome all international and Finnish students! The more people we have, the bigger and better our events are! You don’t have to become a pro party planner or a superhuman to join us – you can just come hang out and get to know international students.

What will you get?

  • New friends!
  • Experience in organizational activities.
  • Better language skills, because we operate in English. If you feel insecure about your English skills, don’t! We have people who speak English at various levels and with various accents. You’ll do fine!
  • Experience in voluntary work that will benefit others, make you feel good and give you lots of fun things to do.
  • A calendar full of most varied and exciting events.

What will we get?

  • New friends!
  • New ideas and along with those ideas, better events!
  • Happier international students. They like Finns, and you’d be one more Finn they can spend time with.

ESN International or Erasmus Student Network is an international student association. For more information about ESN International, visit If you are planning on studying abroad, you can look up ESN sections operating in your exchange university and contact them when you go on your student exchange.

The easiest way to take part in ESN FINT’s activities is to come to our meetings. You can find out when and where they are held by visiting our website or by subscribing to the kv-list or the IS-list (in English). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

International email lists

Tamy’s international sector has five email lists that will bring you all the information you need – directly in your email. Information about subscribing and unsubscribing to the email lists can be found in the Email lists section.

  • is meant for spreading international affairs info in Finnish. This list relays information about classes, seminars, jobs, student exchange opportunities and scholarships. Details about the meetings of the Committee for International Affairs are also posted here.
  • supplies information about current issues in English. If you are an international student, you definitely want to subscribe to this list!
  • list passes on information regarding developing countries, such as classes, seminars, jobs, student exchange opportunities, scholarships and voluntary work opportunities in developing countries. In addition, the list has information about the meetings of the Committee for Development Coordination.
  • is a list for international tutors. Necessary information concerning international tutoring are posted here.
  • is a news list for subject associations’ international affairs organizers.

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