Tutoring international students

Tutoring international students

Signing up as an international tutor

Tutoring international students is an excellent way to acquire international experiences, get to know new people and do a good deed: by tutoring international students, you help relieve their culture shock and give them comfort in their initial confusion over studies. International tutors assist international students when they come to our university and help them integrate into the university community and student life in Tampere. All you need to become an international tutor is an open mind and knowledge of a second language – the rest is quick and easy to learn!

International tutors receive a small compensation along with two credits and a certificate upon request. International tutoring can also be used in constructing an internationalisation module to be included in your degree.

International tutoring usually follows the practices of normal tutoring: a tutor pair tutors a tutoring group. International tutors are recruited by subject associations. The schedule of the international tutor and the contact information of subject associations’ international tutoring organizers is updated on this page yearly as new information is confirmed.

If you are interested in international tutoring, contact your subject association’s international tutoring organizer by 3.4.2017. Contact information is available on your subject association’s website, this page (see below) and from the Specialist in International Affairs upon request. International tutors are recruited in the spring, stay informed by following your subject association’s email list as well as Tamy’s international email lists.

Don’t have any international students coming to your degree programme? Don’t worry! The International Office at the University has an international tutor bank, which is also a good way to become a tutor. To join the international tutor bank, email the International Office at intoffice@uta.fi by 4.4. with the following information:

  • your name and student number
  • your major and minors
  • your telephone number
  • an estimation of your language skills.
  • your willingness in tutoring UTA Summer School students arriving at the beginning of August

Remember to subscribe to kv-tutorit at uta.fi, the email list for international tutors! Kv-tutorit list is a listserv email list, the instructions for subscribing and unsubscribing can be found in the Email lists section. Necessary information and practical tips are passed on to this list.

Tutor training and more information

A training for subject associations’ international affairs organizers will be arranged on 6.3.2017, 4 – 6 p.m. (location to be confirmed).

If you wish to tutor international students, you must attend the international tutor training 10.4.2017 from 3 to 8 p.m. In addition to the spring training, another training and a briefing on current affairs are held 14 August 2017 starting at 2 pm. Sign-ups via e-form.

New international students arrive in Tampere in the last week of August, which is also when international tutors must be present and available. Some international students arrive even earlier, so it is a good idea to contact your international student as early as June.

Tamy and the University of Tampere have put together a guide for international tutors. If you are thinking about becoming an international tutor but are not sure, you can take a look at kv-tuutori-oppaasta or the ECTS Survival Guide for international students and see what it’s all about.

In the Tutors’ Event organized for national and international tutors in August 2013, tutors posed many questions regarding tutoring. We compiled them and replied to them. Take a look at the Q&A here>!

Report, ECTS, compensation and certificate

We gather feedback on international tutoring every term through tutor reports. The report is not only the condition for receiving your compensation, but also a way to improve international tutoring. After submitting the report, the tutors receive a small compensation. To receive credits for international tutoring, you must send your report also to your faculty.

Report instructions are published in Finnish and English twice a year on the kv-tutorit email list, the internationalorganizers email list, the University’s website and in other forums if necessary.

Contact information of international tutoring organizers 2017

AATOS Joe Ristimäki, joe.ristimaki ät kolumbus.fi
AD HOC Jenna Huhtanen, jenna.huhtanen ät gmail.com
BIOPSI Laura Saarimäki, saarimaki.laura.a ät student.uta.fi ja Venla Kiminki, kiminki.venla.i ät student.uta.fi
BOOMI Lili Fán, international ät boomi.fi
CORTEX Anna Engblom, engblom.anna.t ät student.uta.fi
FISKUS Carita Isomäki, isomaki.carita.k ät student.uta.fi
HALLAT Henrik Koivula, koivula.henrik.s ät student.uta.fi
ILTAKOULU  Eveliina Kuusisto, international ät iltakoulu.org
INTERAKTIO  Aliisa Toivanen, toivanen.aliisa.a ät student.uta.fi ja Tuuli Lindroos, lindroos.tuuli.k@student.uta.fi
ITU Suvi Vuorenpää, vuorenpaa.suvi.p ät student.uta.fi
JKY Sara Österberg, osterberg.sara.k ät student.uta.fi
JUJU Sema Al-Khafaji, al-khafaji.sema.x ät student.uta.fi
KASVO Saija Yli-Rosti, yli-rosti.saija.m ät student.uta.fi
KOPULA Joona Poikonen, poikonen.joona.j ät student.uta.fi
LEXICA Clotilde Dupont, dupont.clotilde.m ät student.uta.fi
LUUPPI Pyry Qvick, kv ät luuppi.fi
MENTOR Saija Yli-Rosti, yli-rosti.saija.m ät student.uta.fi
OKA Heta Ojell, ojell.heta.k ät student.uta.fi
PATINA Laura Kola, kola.laura.a ät student.uta.fi
POINTER Jenni Jäntti, jenni.j.jantti ät utu.fi
REETTORIT Julia Hanhikoski, hanhikoski.julia.m ät student.uta.fi
SALUS Noora Tommila, tommila.noora.j ät student.uta.fi ja Jasmin Airinen, airinen.jasmin.p@student.uta.fi
SOS Suvi Koponen, koponen.suvi.e ät student.uta.fi, Mari Leppäjärvi, leppajarvi.mari.a ät student.uta.fi
STAABI Veera Lilja, tuutorointi ät staabi.fi
TEEMA Jenna Niskakangas, niskakangas.jenna.h ät student.uta.fi ja  Silja Tontti, tontti.silja.a ät student.uta.fi
TIPSY Jussi Robert Ojala, jussirobert.ojala ät gmail.com
TLK Nikke Varis, varis.nikke.o ät student.uta.fi ja Nea Välimäki, valimaki.nea.s ät student.uta.fi
TRANSLA Madita Steffens, steffens.madita.x ät student.uta.fi
UDK Roope Mattila, mattila.roope.v ät student.uta.fi
VOSTOK Alina Mäkynen, makynen.alina.m ät student.uta.fi ja Ilona Tyystjärvi, tyystjarvi.s.ilona ät student.uta.fi




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