Tamy’s members include all students taking a lower or a higher basic degree at the University of Tampere, as well as those postgraduate (doctoral) students and exchange students at the University of Tampere who decide to join the Student Union. Basic degree (Bachelor’s and Master’s degree) students automatically become members of the Student Union when they enrol as present at the University.

Membership fees

Membership fees for the academic year 2018–2019

 Autumn 2018 Tamy + FSHS Spring 2019 Tamy + FSHS Total
Basic degree students €31 +  €27  €31 + €27 €116
Postgraduate students (voluntary) €24.50 €24.50 €49

Membership for exchange and visiting students

The membership is voluntary for exchange, visiting and post-graduate students. The membership benefits for exchange and visiting students are exactly the same as for basic degree students – just read further about the available services, benefits and discounts.

Membership for post-graduate students

Student Union membership is voluntary to post-graduate (doctoral) students. Their membership does not include the FSHS services which significantly decreases their membership fee.

The Student Union also supervises the interests of post-graduate students. Post-graduate students who have joined the Student Union are entitled to all the same Student Union services as the basic degree (Bachelor’s and Master’s degree) students and most benefits are also available with a post-graduate student card.

Post-graduate students are not entitled to discounts in public transport nor the student meal discount. However, the student owned restaurant Juvenes offers post-graduate students a chance for a more affordable lunch.

Membership benefits

Tamy provides a number of services for its members and the nearly 80 organizations under Tamy. These services include among other things health services at the FSHS, free legal counselling, counselling in student-related matters, events, activities and much more. One of the most important benefits is the student card and all the discounts it brings (for more information on the discounts, please see the student discounts and benefits section).

Tamy works hard to protect the rights of its members, not only at the University of Tampere but also in the whole Tampere region. The most important statutory duty of the Student Union is to nominate student representatives to the administrative bodies of the University and its schools. Students are therefore represented in decision-making processes. Moreover, Tamy is an expert, gives statements, takes a stand on student issues and represents students in several draft working groups.

Tamy is a member of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) is which is an essential agent on a national level. All the student benefits and discounts, such as student financial aid and meal subsidy, have been negotiated by the Finnish student unions either together or individually, and this work continues tirelessly. A recent example of the student unions’ supervision of interests is campaigning to keep university studies free of charge.

Besides these, Tamy’s members have many opportunities to participate in debates on social issues, engage in international activities and take the floor for development cooperation, equality and environment, just to name a few. To see how you can make a difference, please browse through the student union section.

How to pay the membership fee

International students pay the membership fee with an invoice which is included in the enrolment papers that you may get from the University’s International Office (room A129). This means that joining the Student Union and paying the fee becomes timely when you arrive in Tampere. The deadline for payments is 30 September in the autumn semester and 31 January in the spring semester.

The membership fee can be paid from a Finnish bank account or in cash at a bank. Those who have a bank account in a SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) country may use online banking, since additional fees will not be charged. Please note that if the transferring bank charges additional fees, the Student Union will not receive the full membership fee and the enrollment process at the University will not be successful. Keep the receipt from the payment, since you’ll need it until you have your student card in your hands.

More information on paying the membership fee and enrolment is available here.

Exemption due to a proved lack of means

As stated in section 10 of Tamy’s Main rule, the Board of the Student Union can decide to grant a member an exemption from the payment of the membership fee if it is clear that, due to proven lack of means, paying the membership fee would jeopardize the member’s right to study as provided under Section 16 of the Constitution of Finland (731/1999).

The minimum requirement for the consideration of an exemption is that there is official proof of the student has no income. The exemption is always granted individually as decided by the board. Contact the Specialist of Social Welfare Affairs for more details about legal proof or membership fee exemption.

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