Unipoli Sport

Unipoli Sport offers affordable sports services for students. All basic degree and postgraduate students who are Student Union members can pay the Unipoli Sport fee. The fee also includes access to the sports services of two TUT and TAMK. Access rights to the other Unipoli Sport universities must be requested personally from the university in question. You need to bring the payment receipt and identification.

City of Tampere

This website provides information about swimming pools, sports facilities, ice rinks, sports clubs and major sports events among other things.


UtaSport, the sports union for the students of the University of Tampere, offers a variety of affordable sports opportunities to students. At the core of UtaSport are the sports clubs that bring together people with similar interests and they also organize joint events. Additionally UtaSport organizes e.g. try-outs and open-for-all sports events.

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Service office

Yliopistonkatu 60 A 2. floor, 33100 Tampere
Tel.. +358 44 361 0210
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