Student card

Student card

Basic degree student’s blue card

Student Union members can order a student card for the price of €10 which, combined with the annual registration sticker, proves their membership and student status. By showing this card you can get travel discounts (VR and Matkahuolto), a student-friendly priced lunch and some other benefits. You can recharge student-friendly priced Juvenes student restaurant meals and the Unipoli Sport fee on the card. The card also works as a library card in the University library where it can be activated.

In addition to the benefits, the basic degree (Bachelor’s and Master’s degree) student’s student card works as an access card at the University of Tampere, so you can enter the university buildings and Atalpa sports facilities also in the evening. If you have paid for your Unipoli Sport’s sports fee, your University’s access rights will be automatically updated to your student card.

Postgraduate students’ green card

Postgraduate (Doctoral) students who have joined the Student Union can order the student card for the price of €10, which, combined with the annual registration sticker, verifies their membership status. Unfortunately, the postgraduate student card does not entitle you to travel discounts (VR and Matkahuolto) or Kela’s student meal discounts. However, most of the student benefits listed here are available also with the postgraduate student card. The card also works as a library card in the University library where it can be activated.

Postgraduate students have access to Unipoli Sport’s services for the same price as basic degree students. The green student card does not have a microchip and therefore does not act as an access card. A separate access card can be collected at the IT Services Office or from Atalpa’s reception.

Digital student card

Don’t have your student card with you? Don’t worry because by downloading Pivo’s digital student card app to prove your membership status and to receive student benefits. It is a beneficial tool, if you lose or forget your physical student card or just don’t want to carry it around. New students can start using their digital student card starting from the 1st of August 2018. The Pivo app can be downloaded to Android and iOS devices.

Ordering the card

Nowadays, the student card is ordered online after you have enrolled as present at the University and payed the Student Union membership fee. After you have paid the membership fee, please wait a couple of days before you order the card because the transaction takes some time. If any problems arise, please contact Tamy via email at or by phone +35844 3610 210.

Order your card here.

You need to have an appropriate photo of yourself to order the card. The format of the photo must be JPG and its size may be 4 megabytes at maximum. You can crop the photo after uploading it.


Face photo resembling a passport photo: well-lit and clear.

Not appropriate:

Full body photo
Too close
Profile or too obscure








The card costs 10 euros. It will be paid for when ordering, with a credit card or via an e-payment.

The card order will go directly to the card manufacturer. In the early autumn the estimated manufacturing time is one weeks, later in the autumn 1-2 weeks. To see if your card is ready, check the list of student numbers at Green, postgraduate student cards are not included in the list. You can email to inquire about the postgraduate student cards. The student card can be collected from your own Student Union. If you have chosen for the card to be delivered to the Pori unit, it can be collected from the Pointer ry’s office.

When collecting your card, you must have photo identification (passport, driver’s license or an official ID card). If the card is not collected within 2 years, the card will become the Student Union’s property and it will be destroyed.

If you are transferring from the Open University, you will have a new student number (not a6xxxxxxx).

If you have ordered the card with a photo that does not meet the criteria, the card will not be given to you and the payment will not be refunded, and you will have to order a new card that meets the criteria.

Annual registration sticker

Students who have paid the annual membership fee and enrolled as present, can get an annual registration sticker that makes the student card valid. The stickers are available at the Registrar’s Office and at Tamy’s Services Office from 1 August at the earliest. It takes a few days for your payment to register to the system, after which the sticker can be collected. If you have ordered a new card, the registration sticker will be attached to the card upon collection.

If you lose your student card

If you lose your student card that also functions as a key card, you must notify the University’s IT Helpdesk immediately. If your card is an old card without a chip (i.e. a card that does not function as a key card) you do not need to notify the IT Helpdesk.

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