Tampere 3

Tampere 3

Tampere3: future of higher education in Tampere

University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences will become a Tampere 3 higher education concern from the beginning of 2019. Concretely this means that the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology merge into a new foundation university and Tampere University of Applied Sciences will move under the ownership of the new university. The aim of the project is to create a multidisciplinary research and learning environment with a strong national and international attraction. The strength of the cooperation lies in the research on technology, health and society.

Follow the Tampere 3 process

Tamy actively informs of the Tampere 3 project and its own influential work for example in the Tampere3 blog (in Finnish) and on the academic affairs email list. Comprehensive background information and outlooks on the different stages of the project have been compiled to the blog platform in the form of a monthly newsletter and a more in-depth thematic pieces. Aviisi has also been activly following the project.

The latest news is also provided through the official Tampere 3 communication channels, administered by the higher education institutions:

How will Tampere3 affect students?

Starting from autumn 2016, students from all three higher education institutions in Tampere can choose courses from the joint cross-institutional studies selection. Completing studies on an even broader scale between the higher education institutions will become possible at a later stage. In the future, collectively planned and realised studies will most likely also be included in many of the degree programmes.

For Tamy, the most important matters in the reform are to maintain the value of both university as well as UAS degrees, to gain more flexibility and optionality between the higher education institutions and to guarantee the students’ legal protection amidst the significant changes.

In addition to changes in the degree programmes and studies, the Tampere3 process will also change the university administration and structures. The most important objectives for Tamy in the supervision of interests are to maintain student representation and university democracy in the new university as well and to create a university foundation that is as versatile and interdisciplinary as possible. Additionally the university autonomy stated in the Constitution is a right that must be respected throughout the project. The student and staff organizations have released several statements on the matter.

Tamy, Tamko and TTYY have also compiled collective objectives for the process (in Finnish), and these have been pushed forward in the administrations of higher education institutions and also in the Ministry of Education and Culture. Students’ collective and Tamy’s own objectives for the supervision of interests from 2015 are still relevant.

Tamy is constantly influencing the process in different working groups, and it also acts by influencing the university administration and by participating in the public discussion. There are also several working groups active in different fields and Faculties regarding the matter and most of them include student representatives.

Forming a joint student union

As a result of the Tampere 3 project, the Student Union of University of Tampere and the Student Union of Tampere Technical University will merge into one student union. The merge will occur with an amendment in the law, which will also automatically transfer both unions’ members, personnel, contracts, property, holdings and other commitments under the ownership of the new student union starting 1.1.2019.

The merging of the student unions is prepared mainly by the current student unions’ Secretary Generals and chair and a merging coordinator, hired for this particular purpose. Tamy will implement the merging process as stated in the strategy approved by the council.

The new council of representatives will have 49 seats and the members will be chosen in the autumn of 2018. The council will decide on the main rule of the new student union and the subordinate regulations and other guiding documents.

You can ask more about Tamy’s opinions and about the supervision of interests regarding the Tampere3 process from the Specialist in Academic Affairs. More information about the merging of the student unions is given by the Secretary General.

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