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The Student Union of the University of Tampere (Tamy for short) is the supervisor of interests and the service provider of all degree students in the University of Tampere. Tamy has approximately 11,000 members in the two units, Tampere and Pori. According to the Universities Act, the purpose of a student union is to act as a link with and on behalf of its members and promotes their societal, social and intellectual aspirations.

Supervisor of interests

Tamy supervises the interests of its members at the University of Tampere and the whole Tampere region, but also on a national level. The broad definition of supervision of interests includes influencing matters related to education, teaching, housing, livelihood, health care, equal opportunities and wellbeing. The position of international students is also noted in the supervision of interests, and at the same time the internationalisation of Finnish students is supported. Most of the advocacy work done by the Student Union happens behind closed doors because the most fruitful period for supervision of interests is during the preparation stages. This type of work is done by meetings with different policy makers of different parties and by participating in drafting proposals to them. The results have a significant impact on the everyday life of students.

Tamy cooperates with other organizations in the supervision of interests. Associations and student representatives appointed by the Student Union ensure the voice of students be heard in decision-making in all of the University’s administrative levels. Promoting student’s interests in city matters is done in cooperation with the Student Union of Tampere University of Technology (TTYY) and the Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Tamko) via Ryhmä 35 000. National level supervision of interests is done by the National Union of University Students in Finland, which Tamy belongs to. Together and individually, the student unions have negotiated all available student support systems and benefits.

Service provider

Tamy offers plenty of services for its members and for the nearly 80 associations working under Tamy. The most important benefit is the student card and the student discounts it brings. The services also include free specialist and legal counselling, the student newspaper Aviisi and the student calendar, affordable van rental service and many items available to borrow.

Half of the annual Student Union membership fee which the student pays is steered to the FSHS, which provides students with general, mental and oral health services free of charge or with an affordable charge.

Community builder

Around 80 subject, faculty and hobby associations, formed on the basis of e.g. common degree programme or hobby or belief, have been granted Tamy’s association status. If there is an association missing from the list, the students are allowed to form new ones themselves.

Integrating into the university community effects the experience of the time as a student. Reception of new students, tutoring, communication and events are all there to enable the easiest integration experience. Tamy provides a route to meeting new people and students from other fields of study.  Dozens of small and large scale events are organizer annually around different topics. You can enjoy them as a participant or even become an organizer by becoming a member of a committee.

Advocate in society

Tamy aspires to create a better tomorrow for students by influencing matters such as student financial aid, health care and free education. As student are not a separate group from rest of society, participating in the discussions about the future and including students into these conversations is a fundamental task of the Student Union. These topics include global justice, equal opportunities and environmental issues among other things.


By participating, you can have an effect on what the Student Union fights for and what it finds important! One of the possible ways to take part is through subject associations, other organizations working at the University, and council groups. Another option is to participate in Tamy’s many committees.

Tamy’s highest decision-making organ is the Council of Representatives, to which 40 members are chosen through a general election every two years. In the representative elections all members of the Student Union have the right to vote, stand for election and be chosen as a member of the Council of Representatives. The Council of Representatives decides on the Student Union’s budget and the membership fee amount among other things.

The Executive Board is appointed annually by the Council of Representatives. The Executive Board is a political organ that governs the Student Union, represents the Student Union and prepares the items brought to the Council meetings. The board members work daily in their own sectors.

In addition to the Executive Board, Tamy is home to a host of very competent people. The specialists are experts in their field. They are students’ advisors and their role is crucial in improving the lives of students, today and tomorrow.

Give feedback

In addition to participating directly in the Student Union activities, you can influence the matters by giving feedback or drafting an initiative. If you detect something that needs to be changed, don’t hesitate to contact us and give feedback.

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