A.E. Jännes writing competition

A.E. Jännes writing competition

In 1954, Elli and Niilo Jännes donated 100,000 Finnish marks to Tamy’s predecessor, the Student Union of the Civic College to be used as the Arvi Emil Jännes Memorial Fund. The donation letter states that the resources must be used annually “to reward the most distinguished students in the poetry class of the Student Union’s hobby competition. The award may first be given in the 1956 hobby competition. If the hobby competition is not arranged, that year’s income from interest shall be added to the funds in total.” Usually the competition is arranged every few years in cooperation with ELKI ry.

A. .E. Jännes writing competition 2017: “Blue dreams”

National A. E. Jännes writing competition 2017 is organized by Tamy, the Student Union of the University of Tampere in cooperation with Elävän Kirjallisuuden Yhdistys – ELKI ry. The theme is “Blue dreams”. Tamy has been organizing the writing competition since 1956.

Works of fiction of all sorts and sizes labelled ”Blue dreams” are welcome. What do you dream of? Where are you in your dreams? Who/What do you think of during the ”the blue moment”? Do you want your dreams to come true? Tell us what you see in the future! Let your imagination soar and open your soul! The text can be 400 words at maximum. There is no limit on form, so prose, poetry and everything in between is acceptable. Send your texts (1 text/participant) to the Specialist of Communication and Organizational Affairs as an email attachment (jvasiantuntija at tamy.fi). Remember to include the author’s contact information in the body of the email in addition to the attached text (marked with a pen name). The deadline for the emails is 15.10.2017.

The competition begins on 18.5. and ends on 15.10.2017. The winner is chosen by a jury comprised of representatives of Tamy and ELKI and two other judges (names will be announced later). The prize for first place is €300, for second place €200 and for third place €100.

The prizes will be distributed at Tamy’s Birthday Party 24.11. Best texts and possible some selected additional texts can be published in Tamy’s and ELKI’s publications.

ELKI ry is an organization founded by literature students of the University of Tampere that brings together students and culture parties as well as organizes Elävän Kirjallisuuden Festivaali (festival of living literature) every February.

For more information, contact:

Maria Mäki-Hakola
Specialist, Communication and Organizational Affairs
Student Union of University of Tampere

Pirkko Viitasalo
Elki ry

Student Union of University of Tampere: tamy.fi

Elävän Kirjallisuuden Yhdistys – ELKI ry: facebook.com/elavakirjallisuus


A.E. Jännes writing competition’s rules

The competition’s rules, participation instructions and prizes are determined by the Student Union of the University of Tampere based on the Arvi Emil Jännes Memorial Fund’s donation letter.

1. The Student Union of the University of Tampere, Tamy, shall arrange the Arvi Emil Jännes writing competition annually. The Student Union’s Executive Board shall decide the name and theme of the competition each year.

2. Everyone who is living, working or studying in Finland and has not published a literary work may participate in the competition. An author’s edition counts as a literary work. Publishing in an anthology is not an impediment to participating in the competition so long as the entered story has not been previously published.

3. The competition shall have a jury, whose members are chosen each year so that they have a connection with that year’s theme. The jury shall not give reviews for single entries. An expert from outside the Student Union shall have the power of decision in the jury. If no stories worth rewarding enter the competition, that year’s reward sum may be given out later.

4. The participant agrees to have his or her work published without separate recompense. Award-winning works shall be stored in the Student Union’s archives. Works that do not win awards shall be stored for two years.

5. The competition is funded from the Arvi Emil Jännes Memorial Fund’s resources that were donated to Tamy by Elli and Niilo Jännes in 1954. The competition has been arranged regularly since 1956.

2015 “Eräs muistokirjoitus”: winner Tuire Suihkonen, second place Virpi Taxell and third place Helena Haavisto.
2013 “Oli(s)pa kerran perustulo”: winner Niina Setälä with “Pienin korvin”, second place Timo Viik with “Vapaasti elellen” and on shared third place Satu Virtanen with “Ajatustekoja” and Tuula Vigman with “Työhansikas”.
2011 Tamy “Sata sanaa”: winner Thua Aalto with “Huomenna alkaa viimeinen kesäloma”, second place Lea Kalenius with “Minne tuuli tytön kuljettaa, milloin tuulentuvan nähdä saa?” and third place Noora Lehtola with “Laskettu aika”.

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