Committees and sections

Committees and sections

Committees and sections prepare matters and act as discussion forums in the Student Union. They are a great place to network, learn valuable working life skills and get involved! The committees have appointed members, but committee meetings are open to everyone. Section meetings are also open to everyone. Information about the meetings and activities can be found by joining their email lists and the committee’s Facebook page.

The committees’ term of office is usually one calendar year. In the beginning of the term, the Executive Board appoints committee members (4–12 people) according to their expertise. In addition to appointing the committee members, the Executive Board also nominates an Executive Board representative to every committee. The application period for committees usually take place towards the end of the autumn term. The committee selects a chair among the members, with the exception of the Committee for Financial Affairs for which a chair is selected by the Executive Board. Chair’s duties include organization of the committee’s activities, call the meetings and document their activities. The chairs receive compensation for their work.

Committee for International Affairs

The committee for international affairs is a discussion forum for anybody interested in the internationalisation of the university community. The committee’s tasks include keeping the student associations up to date in terms of international affairs, participating in the tuition fee discussion and supporting the internationalisation of the Student Union and the University. In the past the committee has, for example, organised a flea market and parties for Finnish and international students, updated Tamy’s language guidelines and prepared the Language Centre survey.

Committee for Development Cooperation

In the Committee for Development Cooperation, you’ll get a chance to brainstorm events and to learn about the current issues in development cooperation. The duties of this committee include assisting the Specialist in International Affairs in their work relating to Tamy’s India project. By participating in this committee, you can see how development cooperation projects are executed and put your studies into practice where it really matters. The meetings are open for all and the committee can operate in English if needed.

Committee for Social Welfare Affairs

The Committee for Social Welfare Affairs is concerned with matters relating to students’ livelihood, housing, health, well-being and equal opportunities, and it acts as a part of the Student Union’s social welfare affairs sector. The committee also follows and updates Tamy’s Equality Plan and organizes activities beneficial to students’ wellbeing.

The committee holds meetings approximately once a month. The Committee for Social Welfare Affairs operates mainly in Finnish.

Committee for Organizational Affairs

The purpose of the Committee for Organizational Affairs is to support Tamy’s organizational sector in executing the operational grant application and e.g. in improving Tamy’s association rooms and services. In addition, the Committee for Organizational Affairs can, according to its interests, e.g. participate in planning trainings and events for associations. The organization of operational grants is the task of selected members in the committee, but all other meetings are open for all. The Committee for Organizational Affairs operates mainly in Finnish.



Committee for Academic Affairs

The Committee for Academic Affairs focuses on supervising the students’ interests. It functions as a discussion platform for everyone interested in academic affairs regardless of their experience background. From the perspective of information circulation and peer support, the committee is especially suitable for academic affairs organizers in subject and faculty associations and the student representatives in University administration.

The committee provides a low threshold introduction to educational politics questions, but it is also suitable for a more seasoned organizers as you can help amend the academic affairs policies of the Student Union and be a part of writing official statements. The meetings are open for all and they are announced on Tamy’s event calendar. The Committee for Academic Affairs operates mainly in Finnish.

Culture Section

The Culture Section (KuJa) familiarizes students with various artists and fields of art in culture nights, takes them to cultural events either free of charge or for a token fee, and brainstorms and organizes cultural activities to every taste. You are warmly welcome to come discuss what lively cultural life means and could mean at the University and on campus. The Culture Section tries to organize events at least once a month. Previous activities include visits to art museums and Pikku Kakkonen studio, unpredictable breakfast, Nääs marathon, book exchange party and scenery painting. The Culture Section chooses the recipient of the Vappulakki award every year. The Culture Section operates mainly in Finnish.

Committee for Financial Affairs

The Committee for Financial Affairs prepares Tamy’s financial matters. The Committee for Financial Affairs traditionally includes former Secretaries General and former Executive Board members responsible for financial affairs. In addition, the Committee for Financial Affairs is always on the lookout for people with financial know-how regardless of their background. The committee’s most important duties are acting in support of the Executive Board and carrying out the financial sector’s tasks. These annual duties include drafting Tamy’s budget and making recommendations to the Executive Board. In addition, all matters related to interest groups and Tamy’s capital and finances in general are handled in the Committee for Financial Affairs. The Committee for Financial Affairs operates mainly in Finnish.

Committee for Environmental Affairs

The Committee for Environmental Affairs promotes ecological and ethical lifestyle at the University and among students. Its tasks include monitoring the execution of Tamy’s Environmental Programme and updating it, organizing environment themed events, cooperating with various environmental organizations and the environmental actors at the University and participation in the Reilun kaupan kampus [Fair Trade Campus] activities. The Committee for Environmental Affairs operates in Finnish and English.

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