Corporate cooperation

Corporate cooperation

Tamy cooperates with several companies in the Tampere economic region and is open to offers from new cooperation partners.

Tamy’s objective is to build a network of like-minded cooperation partners that reflects Tamy and benefits the diverse membership of the Student Union. Tamy offers its partners over 12,000 potential employees or customers, but also a wide range of opportunities to appear and participate in the Student Union’s events and activities.

As the University of Tampere is a multidisciplinary institution, Tamy can offer their cooperation partners either a significant amount of potential employees or an active customer base. The University covers the needs of almost all lines of business, and Tamy’s cooperation with other local student organizations helps expand these opportunities even further.

Tamy is represented in several different areas. In addition to the approximately 80 different subject and hobby associations, the Student Union has representatives in other organizations. One of the most important ones is Juvenes Corporation, which Tamy owns together with the Student Union of Tampere University of Technology (TTYY). Tamy also has representatives to promote their objectives in the administration of the University of Tampere, FSHS, TOAS and the Opiskelijan Tampere project, which guarantees a strong cooperation network between the higher education institutions in Tampere.

Every single cooperation partner is important to Tamy. Tamy’s Corporate Coordinator takes care of the agreements and ensures the execution of the terms to which the partners have agreed to in order to create a beneficial cooperation on both ends.

Tamy does not disclose members’ personal data information for direct marketing purposes.

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