Aatemarkkinat Idea Fair

Aatemarkkinat Idea Fair

The traditional Aatemarkkinat Idea Fair is part of Tamy’s Organization Week and it takes over the University Main Building’s lobby on the 3rd of October 2018. During the Fair associations, clubs and other organizations acting in cooperation with the University and the Student Union spread out in the lobby and introduce themselves to students. Come take a tour and see if you can find a new hobby for yourself!

Most of the associations on display, including subject associations, hobby associations and council groups, operate within Tamy, but other associations are welcome as well. There’s usually some civic organizations partaking in the Idea Fair, too.

For freshers the Idea Fair is an excellent way of getting to know different organizations at the University and in their new home town.

Questions? Contact jvasiantuntija(at)tamy.fi.

Associations on display

Akateemiset pelaajat

Cortex ry Cortex Ry is the subject association of Psychology students in University of Tampere. https://cortexry.wordpress.com/

Demola Demola offers the students an opportunity to work in a project with a multidisciplinary team solving real-life cases together with partner companies. And it’s all part of your degree program. https://tampere.demola.net/https://www.facebook.com/Demola.Tampere/

Eetti ry

ESN FINT ESN FINT stands for Erasmus Student Network, Finns and Internationals in Tampere. ESN FINT is the local section of Erasmus Student Network (ESN) in the University of Tampere. ESN FINT is a non-profit student organisation that provides quality free-time activities for all internationally-minded students in Tampere, including exchange students, international degree students and local students.

FreezeBees ry FreezeBees is club for ultimate frisbee! You can join us play this awesome team sport that is very friendly for newcomers and demanding for more competitive players. More info facebook.com/freezebees

Kameraseura Vastavalo Camera Club Vastavalo provides you with an open-minded view to the world of photography. http://vastavalo.kapsi.fi/

Kopula ry Finnish students of University of Tampere. https://kopulary.net

Lexica ry Lexica ry is the student organization for students of foreign languages (English, German, French, Russian and Scandinavian languages) at the University of Tampere. Some of Lexica’s main tasks include protecting the language students’ rights and making student life in general more fun. Come and play the tricky language game and buy overall badges! https://www.facebook.com/Lexicary/

Mansen akateeminen gangsta rap -seura (MAGS) The purpose of MAGS is to promote urban music and culture among the students of Tampere University.

Mentor RY

Oikeutta eläimille Oikeutta eläimille is a Finnish grassroots animal rights organisation. We educate people about animal issues through leafletting, lectures, info stalls and demonstrations. During the recent years we have published images and videos from hundreds of Finnish factory farms and fur farms. These investigations have shocked many people and got a lot of media attention. We also advocate vegetarianism and veganism as a good way to help animals. You are welcome to come and have a chat and watch our new 360 virtual reality video about the animal industry.

Palvelualojen ammattiliitto PAM ry Service Union United PAM is a trade union for people working in private service sectors (commercial, restaurant, cleaning industries etc.). PAM negotiates better employment terms for the workers of the private service sector. More than half of the students work while they study. Commercial and restaurant sectors are among biggest job providers for university students. In our info desk you can find useful information about trade union membership and employment laws and regulations of Finnish working life.

Perussuomalaiset nuoret

Pesu ry

Rakkauden Wappuradio Rakkauden Wappuradio’s goal is to be the best Wappuradio produced in Tampere. Wappuradio has a wast team of students connected by interest in technology, producing radio content and Wappu. https://wappuradio.fi

Reilun kaupan korkeakoulu The University of Tampere is the first Finnish institution of higher education to attain the status of Fairtrade University. The status of Fairtrade University requires that the institution promotes Fairtrade and takes into consideration its responsibility for the community and acknowledges its social liability and ethical values when it makes acquisitions. http://www.uta.fi/ekokampus/en/fairtrade.html

Seurakuntien oppilaitostyö/opiskelijaseurakunta Campus chaplain at work – Please disturb! The student chaplaincy of  the Evangelical Lutheran parishes in Tampere invites  You to have a closer look at our services and activities. We are ecumenically oriented and open minded.

Staabi ry Staabi ry is the student organization for students of administrative sciences at the University of Tampere. For more information, visit www.staabi.fi



Tampere Debate Society Are you interested in debating? Would you like to improve your critical thinking, argumentation and persuasion skills? Tampere Debate Society provides all this and much more. Come join us in Pinni B5078 every Tuesday at 5pm. No previous experience needed. See you there! FB: Tampere Debate Society

Tampere Rugby Club Rugby is many sided team sport for every type of players. Among rugby you´ll learn how to run, tackle, pass, kick, side step, lift and push. www.facebook.com/TampereRugbyClub/

Tampereen Akateeminen Mahti The Academic Mahti of Tampere is a sports union for the students and staff of the University of Tampere that aims to improve the available opportunities to exercise in versatile fitness, competitive or professional sports and to support low threshold exercise. For more information check our website www.utasport.fi.

Tampereen Eurooppanuoret

Tampereen Kokoomusopiskelijat TYKO ry

Tampereen Korkeakoulujen Reserviupseerit ry TaKoRU is open to all Finnish citizens. In our club you can shoot and train your military skills. takoru.fi

Tampereen Opiskelevat Keskustalaiset – TOK ry

Tampereen Pohjola-Nordenin nuoret ry Work or study in Scandinavia? Traditional crayfish party, Scandinavian movies or speaking swedish? Tapnu is a meeting place for those who fancy everything Scandinavian. Visit our stand to hear about Nordic possibilities and enrol in our epic crayfish party! Hurra! pnn.fi/tapnu

Tampereen Sosialidemokraattiset opiskelijat – TASY ry Come visit our stand! You are welcomed to all our events around the year. We want to promote freedom, solidarity and equality among students. You can find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tasyry/.

Tampereen vihreät nuoret – The Young Greens of Tampere

Tampereen yliopiston aikuisopiskelijat 

Tampereen yliopiston laulajat (TYL) Tampere university singers (TYL) is a mixed choir founded in 1964. We perform 3-4 times a year, next time 25th of October! At our stand we sell our choir’s patches and CD’s, and market our future concert as well as auditions in January. For more info: www.tyl.fi

Tampereen yliopiston pohjalainen osakunta

Tampereen yliopiston raskaan musiikin ystävien seura TYRMÄYS ry The metal club TYRMÄYS aims to spread the gospel of metal music at the University of Tampere. We organise different kinds of events for our members, and welcome every metal heart to join us!

Tampereen yliopiston roolipelaajat Tyr is a roleplaying club that organizes board gaming events and functions as a communication channel for getting into role playing games or getting new players for your game.

Tampereen yliopiston savolainen osakunta SAVOTTA ry Tampere University Savonian Association Savotta ry brings together students from Eastern Finland! Everybody is welcome!

Tampereen yliopiston vihreä lista – The Green List

Tampereen Ylioppilasteatteri Tampereen Ylioppilasteatteri is a youth amateur theatre founded in 1960. TaYT hosts a diverse repertoire, ranging from traditional drama and classic plays to contemporary theatre. Along with the main features, TaYT shows include smaller productions, improvisation, stand up and music events. www.tayt.fi

Tampiiri ry Interested in organic and locally-produced food? Become a member and you can order fresh, high-quality food at a low price straight from the producer. We also arrange other activities. Come and have a nice cup of organic tea and hear more about Tampiiri at our stand. tampiiri.fi


Teema ry

Transla ry Transla ry is a subject association for translation students at the University of Tampere.


V.A.L.O. – Ei orjuudelle ry V.A.L.O. – Ei orjuudelle association is a voluntary organization that is working against human trafficking in seven different cities in Finland. The vision of Valo is to develop Finland a pacemaker of justice so that welfare would not be built up at the cost of other people’s freedom. www.valo-eiorjuudelle.org

Viva – Tampereen yliopiston vihreä vasemmisto 

Y-kampus Y-kampus is the place to experiment and explore. We offer inspiring events and studies in which you’ll get a chance to develop and realize your own potential. We enhance entrepreneurial attitude and coach future entrepreneurs and people with an idea for an innovation. http://y-kampus.fi/ https://www.facebook.com/ykampus/

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