Downtown Orienteering

Downtown Orienteering

Downtown Orienteering is a light-hearted competition where fresher teams, accompanied by more seasoned students, explore their new home town by visiting control points run by different associations and organizations around downtown. Downtown Orienteering takes place the week after the Grand Opening Party. The most successful teams will be handsomely rewarded at the after party in Pakkahuone, where all teams and control point organizers get together for an unforgettable evening!

Downtown Orienteering is all about going all-in and sporting a positive attitude, so keep in mind that dressing up and bringing out the eccentric in you and your team is highly encouraged! Your team will also benefit from a punchy slogan to let the others know where you stand! Often it’s not the perfect performance that wins the game but the most creative team (or the one who bribes the control point organizers). Furthermore, at the after party prizes will be awarded to not only the best team, but also to the team with the most flamboyant costumes and the one with the best vibes!

Downtown Orienteering 2017 will be organized on Wednesday 13.9. The after party will be held in Pakkahuone. The after party is open for all the members of the Student Union. You can buy the official event badge at the after party!

Downtown Orienteering 2017

Registration and instructions for control point organizers 2017

Downtown Orienteering is a great way to make your organization known and welcome new people. Around 40 control point organizers are needed for the Orienteering and the places are filled in the sign-up order, with priority given to Tamy’s and the University’s associations and organizations.

If you are Tamy’s association and want to registration for control point organizer contact the Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs ( Sign-up for control point organizers is open until 9 am on Tuesday 5 September.

Control point organizer check list

  1. Plan your control point activities well in advance! The control point organizers represent their organization or association as well as Tamy. The control point should be fun, relate to your association in one way or another, appropriate, and should not take up too much time. The control point activities must not include excessive drinking or humiliating activities and they must not reproduce stereotypes such as heteronormativity.
  2. Registration. Contact the Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs ( Sign-up for control point organizers is open until 9 am on Tuesday 5 September.
  3. The locations. The permits for the control points have been applied from the city and the police department in advance. You can familiarize yourself with the control point locations with Google Maps and ask for the free spots while contacting the Specialist.
  4. Preparations for control point organization. Prepare to mark your control points clearly with a number so that the orienteers will recognize it. Tamy will provide you with a number. You need to provide and transport all necessary equipment to your location. This includes pens and paper. Teams might not necessarily have them.
  5. Teams arriving to your control point. The teams will leave from three different locations at a specified time. The first teams will arrive to your control point 5–15 minutes later, depending on your control point’s location and routes. Approximately 20 teams will visit your control point (depending on the amount of attendees) consisting of 4–6 members. Please note that there might be more than one team arriving to your control point at the same time, so you should think about a possibility of receiving e.g. two teams at the same time. You might also receive teams that were not assigned to you. If you want, you can allow them to complete your control point, but these teams will not be scored in the three actual categories.
  6. Picking your favourite team. Keep a record of the teams visiting your control point (team names and numbers), so you can pick your favourite team at the end. The most achieved, the best dressed, and the team with the best spirit will be rewarded at the evening party. Therefore the control point organizer does not reward their favourite teams in the evening party. If you want to give a special mention or a prize provided by you to a team, let us know while you inform us of your favourite team upon arrival at Pakkahuone.
  7. Clearing up the control point. Clear up your control point at 8.30 p.m. at the latest after which you should move immediately to Pakkahuone. Clean up your control point area to be as tidy as it was when you arrived. You can clear up your control point already at 8 p.m. if all teams assigned to you have completed it. Do not leave any items or trash at the control point area.
  8. The evening party. When you arrive at Klubi, inform Tamy of your favourite teams: the team that did best at your control point, the best dressed team and the team with the best spirit. Remember to mention any possible additional special mentions at the same time. Klubi will provide food for the control point organizers, and the organizers will be contacted about the details by their contact person.
  9. Have fun.What else is the reason behind all this?

For more information, contact Tamy’s Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs via email: jvasiantuntija[ät]

Registration and instructions for teams

The first 150 teams to sign up get a spot in the Orienteering (plus 10 standby teams in case of cancellation). International teams’ starting times in principle fall between 4.30 – 4.45 p.m. Starting point is just outside the Pinni B building on main campus.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Assemble a team consisting of ca. five people. Come up with a name and a slogan for your team. Originality is a significant asset in Downtown Orienteering! Keep in mind that at the evening party not only the best team, but also to the team with the most flamboyant costumes and the one with the best spirit will be rewarded!
  2. Registration for teams is now open and it closes on Tuesday 5 September at 9.00 am. Sign up using the online form. Your team’s take-off time will be emailed to the given contact person’s address no later than Friday 8 September.
  3. Make sure to be at the starting point no later than 10 mins before your appointed starting time. There is plenty of commotion with the amount of people and a tight schedule, so please make sure your team is ready to leave at your assigned time. At the starting location you will receive a map marked with your assigned control points. Please do not hesitate to approach the send-off officials, as they will provide you with the map, instructions and eventually they send your team off.
  4. Find and visit all the control points in the instructed order. All teams have been assigned certain control points when they can score points. You can also visit other control points, but you will not receive points from it. Downtown Orienteering is not a speed race! The control points close at 8.30 p.m. at the latest. The main idea is to have fun. Keep in mind, however, that you represent all university students! Bribing the control point organizers is not prohibited, but in no way mandatory.
  5. Arrive at Pakkahuone for the evening party after you have visit all the control points for the evening party! The doors will be open at 8 p.m. There the team with the most points wins Tamy’s Grand Prix Prize! From the evening party, the orienteers and control point organizers alike can buy an official Downtown Orienteering badge for their overalls. It’s the perfect memento from Downtown Orienteering!
  6. Have fun and remember to pack a relaxed spirit and patience. There are hundreds of students participating in Downtown Orienteering and the streets will be crowded. You will most likely have to cue for the control points and to enter Pakkahuone. It is all part of the experience.

Event on Facebook.

See last year’s Downtown Orienteering on Flickr.

For more information, contact Tamy’s Specialist in Communication and Organizational Affairs via email: jvasiantuntija[ät]



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