Environmental and Development Cooperation Days

Environmental and Development Cooperation Days 2017

Seize the Change Together

Tamy’s Environmental and Development Cooperation Days has already grown into a traditional event at the University of Tampere. This year, we will focus on the continuously evolving world and reflect on how we could best respond to the future challenges. How is the world changing at the moment, and is there anything we can do? How do the global changes manifest themselves on the local level, and can we control their effects? Through the discussions, lectures, and workshops organized during the Environmental and Development Cooperation Days, you will be able to find your own way of taking action. Welcome!

The facilities are accessible, unless stated otherwise.

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Pre-programme for the Environmental and Development Cooperation Days:

Tuesday 10 October

5 p.m. Discussion: Living in Tampere as an Undocumented Immigrant, University of Tampere, Linna K103

Who is an undocumented immigrant, and how do you end up as one? What’s the situation for the undocumented immigrants in Tampere? To which services are the undocumented people entitled, and what are the responsibilities of the City of Tampere? This theme is tackled through introductory speeches and panel discussions. Filming or photographing in the event is not allowed. The discussion is organized by Finnish Psychologists for Social Responsibility, Let’s Work Together project, Global Social Work Finland, and Free Movement network.The discussion is held in Finnish.

Wednesday 11 October

Photography exhibition “Not just a piece of paper”, Café Alakuppila, University Main Building

After having photographed their lives for a year, asylum seekers living in Tampere have set up an exhibition which concentrates on the themes of waiting, expectations, and hope. The exhibition was put together as a part of a project called @Tampere#home?, a joint effort between Museoiden kokoelmapalvelut, Kulttuurikasvatusyksikkö TAITE, the Postal Museum, and asylum seekers. The exhibition is a touring one, and the requests can be addressed to the Vapriikki Photo Archive (tel.: 03 5656 5232). Please note that the 11 October is the last day the exhibition will be at Café Alakuppila.

Photography exhibition by Operation a Day’s Work Finland  (11 – 12 October) University Main Building, 2nd floor foyer/main lobby

This year, Operation a Day’s Work Finland raises funds to provide support for youth groups held in the villages of Malawi. The groups offer peer support, spread information, and teach new skills to young people. Through these groups, they are able to tackle the everyday social evils such as child marriage and dropping out of school. The photography exhibition presents the lives of a couple of young Malawians and discusses their thoughts about education and the future.

Fair Trade treasure hunt (11 – 12 October) University main campus

Hunt for the Fair Trade chocolate hidden somewhere at the University main campus! Pictures of the hiding place of the day can be seen on Tamy’s Instagram (@tamytampere) or Tamy’s Development Cooperation Facebook page. The treasure hunt is organized by Tamy’s Committee for Development Cooperation.

12 noon Helena Kahiluoto: Sustainability and Food Security, University Main Building, auditorium A1

The lecture gives an introduction to sustainability science and its perspective to humanity’s most significant questions. One example is food security, which is a crucial issue from the viewpoints of both ecological and social planetary boundaries. Lecturer Helena Kahiluoto, from Lappeenranta University of Technology, is the first Finnish professor of sustainability science.

2 p.m. Flea market tour

Are you interested in shopping in an ecological and affordable way? Let’s get together and visit the nearby flea markets! The tour starts from the University Main Building lobby. Language: English. Organizer: Tamy’s Committee for Environmental Affairs.

4 p.m. Film screening: “Living on One Dollar”, University of Tampere, Idea room at Linna Library (Kalevantie 5)

“Living on One Dollar” is a documentary film about four young Americans who try out a life in extreme poverty in Guatemala for two months. The duration of the film is one hour, and after the film, you will have a chance to discuss your thoughts on the film. Snacks have been provided for the participants. The film is in English. You’re warmly welcome! For more information, send an email to saana.raatikainen@uta.fi. Organizers: Fair Trade Universities and Eettisen kaupan puolesta ry.

5 p.m. Africa Evening, University of Tampere, Linna room 6017

The Finnish non-profit organization Global Social Work Finland (GSW) will organize its traditional event, Africa Evening, on 11 October at 5 p.m. During the evening, students will talk about their experiences on being an exchange student in Tanzania and Mozambique as well as on doing volunteer work in Kenia. Come to learn more about the organization and to discuss current issues. The evening is held in room 6017 on the 6th floor of the Linna Building at the University of Tampere. The event is organized in Finnish and in English. Organizer: Global Social Work Finland. Welcome!

5 p.m. – 9 p.m. Course on Vegan Cooking CANCELLED

Thursday 12 October

10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Association Fair, University Main Building lobby

Familiarize yourself with the activities of different associations and find your way of taking action!

12 noon – 2 p.m. Symposium on responsible business, University Main Building, lecture hall A3

What is responsible business, and how could this concept be developed further? Come to listen and discuss. Organizers: Juvenes and the Student Union of the University of Tampere.

1 p.m. – 2 p.m. Workshop: An active citizen – who, me? University Main Building, lecture room E350

The active citizen is the order of the day: in fact, it has been just that for at least two decades. What does this concept actually mean? Who is an active citizen? In the workshop, the volunteers of Operation a Day’s Work Finland encourage you to think about the role of the individual in the society and introduce you to different possibilities and ways of participating. Organizer: Operation a Day’s Work Finland (ODW) (Taksvärkki ry).

2 p.m – 3 p.m. Info session on volunteer work abroad, University Main Building, lecture room A31

Would you be interested in doing long-term volunteer work abroad? In this info session, the organization Maailmanvaihto ry (ICYE Finland) will give an introduction to their work and the organization’s volunteer workers will discuss their experiences. Organizer: Maailmanvaihto ry (ICYE Finland).

2 p.m. Panel discussion: Environmental refugees – perspectives and alternatives. University Main Building, auditorium A1

Panellists: Pekka Reinikainen from Finnish Red Cross, Jussi Kanner from Kehys ry, and Ida Schauman from the Finnish Refugee Council. Panel discussion lead by Tiina Heikkilä.

Evening events
6 p.m. Film screening: “Machines”. Arthouse Cinema Niagara.

A visually appealing film about a big textile factory in Gujarat, India. In the middle of the factory’s dark labyrinth, the workers are suffering from a lack of sleep and the filth and chemicals surrounding them. The machines churn out endless amounts of beautiful fabrics for designer clothing manufacturers. The factory’s work environment reminds viewers of the time before trade unions, ethical working conditions, and working time limits. Subtitles in English.

7.30 p.m. Official afterparty, restaurant Ravintola 931

Welcome to the official afterparty, the ending of the Environmental and Development Cooperation Days! Music, quizzes, and snacks. Free entry. Live music will be provided by Haamu, an MC/record producer who emigrated to Helsinki via the cities of Joensuu, Turku, and Tampere.


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