Tamy’s Organization Week

Tamy’s Organization Week

Tamy’s Organization Week is usually organized in the last week of September. During Organization week the associations working under Tamy and the University organize events for new and older students introducing new hobbies and activities. The Idea Fair is organized in the middle of Organization Week, Wednesday 27.9. at 10-14. At the fair associations promote their activities in the University’s Main building. In 2017, the Organization Week is held in week 39 (25.9.-1.10.2017).

Monday 25.9.

Ultimate outdoors, Viinikan kenttä (Kaartotie 1) at 18

Come to play ultimate frisbee 25.9. at 6pm at Viinikka (Kaartotie 1)! Ultimate is a fast paced team sport played with a frisbee. We won’t require any previous experience, everyone is welcome! All you need is a water bottle and sportswear. More info about us https://freezebeesblog.wordpress.com (or email freezebees@gmail.com

Sugoi’s Anime night for newbies, Tamy office(Yliopistonkatu 60 A, 2. kerros) at 19

Anime circle Sugoi organizes weekly anime nights, in which we watch Japanese animation. If you hesitate whether to move from 2D-world to watch anime with 3D-people, newbie night is a chance to join with other newbies.

Facebook: Sugoi UTA

Tueday 26.9.

Utasport presents: Cable Wakeboarding, Wake Valley (Säynäväjärventie 38, Ylöjärvi) at 13.30

UTASPORT’s Cable WAKEBOARDING at Wake Valley! Come and be thrilled with the tough water sport!

Price for a member of UtaSport is 12.50€ (–50%!!!) and for others 17.60€ (UtaSport’s member fee 5.10€ included. Notice that it’s different than the Unipoli Sport fee.). Wakeboarding (2h) and needed gear (a wet suit, a floating west, a helmet and a wakeboard) are included in the price. You need a swimming suit and a towel. Distance from keskustori is 23 km. Traveling by bus number 85. The closest bus stop is Voionmaan opisto (at zone D), which is 800 m away from the destination.

Binding enrollment by email (Dinh.T.Thao@student.uta.fi) by Tuesday 19.9. at 9 am. Inform your name and tell if you are a member of UtaSport or not. Instructions for the payment will be sent later on by email. The number of participants is limited so enroll quickly!

More information and questions in the Facebook event “UtaSport Wakeboarding”: www.facebook.com/events/343737019406461/


The Green List presents: City hippie goes downtown, University main building’s main entrance, at 4 p.m.

We start at the university main building’s main entrance at 4 p.m. to check out flea markets, ethical and ecological shops and a bunch of other cool joints around Tammela and the city centre. Afterwards we make our way to the Freshmen evening.


The Green List’s Freshmen evening, YTHS-sauna (Kalevantie 3 C 33) at 6 p.m. 

Anyone who thinks even the slightest bit green is warmly welcome! Let’s meet new people and hang out discussing social politics, university politics, animal rights or anything that tickles your fancy!


Wednesday 27.9.

Aatemarkkinat Idea Fair, University Main Lobby, at 10-14

The traditional Aatemarkkinat Idea Fair is part of Tamy’s Organization Week and it takes over the University Main Building’s lobby every year. During the Fair associations, clubs and other organizations acting in cooperation with the University and the Student Union spread out in the lobby and introduce themselves to students. Come take a tour and see if you can find a new hobby for yourself!

Most of the associations on display, including subject associations, hobby associations and council groups, operate within Tamy, but other associations are welcome as well. There’s usually some civic organizations partaking in the Idea Fair, too.

For freshers the Idea Fair is an excellent way of getting to know different organizations at the University and in their new home town.

Huminat, Klubi at 22

Huminat offers an alternative-minded alternative to big student parties infamous of their mainstream hullabalooba and overall a jolly good time for those who think partying is a good reason to party.

Friday 29.9.

ESN FINT Speedfriending, Semafori klo 18

ESN FINT Speedfriending brings local and international students together in a fun get-to-know-each-other event. Talk about food, aliens or traveling, whatever you like! :)

At the beginning, you’ll get two minutes to talk with each person on the other side of the table. After that you can chat freely with those people you would like to get to know better. We’ll offer some snacks and Semafori bar offers discounted student prices. Let’s make some new friends! More info: https://esnfint.org/events/esn-fint-speedfriending

Saturday 30.9.

Ultimate indoors, Atalpa at 14

Come to play ultimate frisbee indoors 30.9. at 14.00-15.30. Don’t forget a water bottle and sportswear for indoors (notice that you have to also pay the Unipoli Sport fee). More info about us https://freezebeesblog.wordpress.com (or email freezebees@gmail.com)


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