Electoral alliances

There are 14 electoral alliances in total that have candidates in the Student Union representative elections. Below, you can find a list of the electoral alliances in alphabetical order. Please see the list of Candidates for individual candidates.

Electoral alliances, council groups, what on earth are they? In the representative elections, the candidates form electoral alliances, and if they want to, the alliances can form electoral circles. Once elected to the Council of Representatives, the representatives of the electoral alliances form council groups.




The Center Students is an electoral alliance of students who place themselves in the centre of the political spectrum. We want to promote community and social debate amongst the students.

Electoral spokesperson: Laura Hämäläinen (laura.s.hamalainen[at]hotmail.com)




We at Social Democratic Students want to promote the welfare of students through freedom, solidarity and equality. The students’ chances to have their say at the University needs to be protected.

Electoral spokesperson: Oscar Lindvall (lindvall.oscar.a[at]student.uta.fi)


THE GREEN LEFT IN THE UNIVERSITY OF TAMPERE (Tampereen yliopiston vihervasemmisto Viva)


Viva is an electoral alliance for students of the green left. We want a strong student union that will supervise the students’ interests from livelihood to environmental politics, and to defend university education and democracy. We organize activities outside the Council as well, so you can join in any time!

Electoral spokesperson: Milka Hanhela (hanhela.milka.i[at]student.uta.fi)



THE GREEN LIST (Vihreä lista)

The Green List is a non-party group of green student actives. We want to have a student union that courageously supervises the students’ interests and promotes openness, equality and environmental matters both in the University community and extensively in society. For the Green List, education is free, income support is basic income, and the city is ecological and student-friendly.

Electoral spokesperson: Reima Kuukka (kuukka.A.reima[at]student.uta.fi)



We represent classical right-wing liberalism that takes environmental values into consideration. We bring an alternative to the mainstream green thinking where environmental values are sacrificed on the altar of Cultural Marxism. Our group has strong experience on science, organizational activities and social activism, amongst other things.

Electoral spokesperson: Seppo Lehto (vapaussoturi@gmail.com)




The Students of National Coalition is a responsible, reformist and internationality-promoting group in the Council. Vote for the Students of National Coalition and you will know how your membership fees are used.

Electoral spokesperson: Elina Järvenpää (jarvenpaanelina[at]gmail.com)



This electoral alliance is composed of students of medicine. The group aims to bring forward the viewpoint of organizations and associations and remind others about the existence of the Kauppi campus.

Electoral spokesperson: Eero Nihtinen (nihtinen.eero.j[at]student.uta.fi)




Halli is a non-party council group. We value student associations, interaction and cooperation. Our aim is to build a student union that speaks to all students.

Electoral spokesperson: Kyösti Husso (kyostihusso[at]gmail.com)


THE UNALIGNED SOCIAL SCIENTISTS (SITY) (Sitoutumattomat yhteiskuntatieteilijät)

A non-party option for the socially active students. Critical argumentation, open discussion and well-founded opinions. The best argument wins.

Electoral spokesperson: Sanni Lehtinen (lehtinen.sanni.e[at]student.uta.fi)



Electoral spokesperson: Joel Oranen (vapaaboomarit[at]boomi.fi)


LUUPPI_PARTY (Luuppi_Puolue)

Luuppi is a non-party electoral alliance consisting of students of mathematics, statistics and computer sciences. The group promotes a genuinely joint student union with the Tampere University of Technology, a membership fee closer to the TUT fee, and the development of the support given to organizations.

Electoral spokesperson: Lassi Halminen (halminen.lassi.a[at]student.uta.fi)


CONTACT (Kontakti)

The electoral alliance Contact forms a contact between the university students in Tampere. We are a non-party group of COMS students, and we are here to create a university that is based on community, equality, welfare, and internationality.

Electoral spokesperson: Janne Kajander (kajander.janne.m[at]student.uta.fi)



As a hobby association-based group, our activities are based on interdisciplinary can-do spirit. We will continue in the Council according to our fun approach, promoting the students and organizations’ opportunities as well as campus culture and wellbeing.

Electoral spokesperson: Ville Kivini (ville.kivini[at]gmail.com)


THE UNALIGNED EDUCATIONISTS (PROKA) (Sitoutumattomat kasvatustieteilijät)

Proka, the Unaligned Educationists, is a non-party electoral alliance which brings their expertise in education into student politics. Proka wants to ensure that the Council’s decisions are made through discussion while respecting and listening to others.

Electoral spokesperson: Kaisa Partanen (partanen.kaisa.j[at]student.uta.fi)


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