Electoral documents and instructions


The electoral documents certified by the Central Election Committee are available from Tamy’s web pages as well as from the Student Union’s services office during the office’s opening hours (address: Yliopistonkatu 60 A, 33100 Tampere).


The candidacy announcement can be submitted electronically by using the e-form confirmed by the Central Election Committee. A paper version of the announcement can also be submitted. The candidacy announement must always be completed personally by the candidate. The candidate must sign the paper form, and the candidate who completes the e-form will sign in by using their basic user account.

Candidates or electoral alliances must submit the electoral documents by submitting the signed paper versions of the documents to Tamy’s Office for the Central Election Committee, on Yliopistonkatu 60, no later than 4 p.m. on Thursday 28 September 2017, or by saving the electronic e-forms on 4 p.m. on Thursday 28 September 2017. While doing so, each electoral alliance must also name two representatives for every ten of their candidates to act as technical assistants in the elections. The assistants shall be named at the time of submitting the documents which establish the electoral alliance.


Two or more candidates have the right to form an electoral alliance. The alliance members shall have the name and the abbreviation of the alliance printed in their candidacy announcements. The candidates willing to form an electoral alliance delegate an eligible member of the Student Union to act as an electoral spokesperson and another member to act as a deputy for the spokesperson. The spokesperson will make a summary of the candidates in the electoral alliance by using a form no later than 4 p.m. on 28 September 2017. For every ten of their candidates, the electoral alliances shall also name two technical assistants, who need to be available from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on 7 – 8 September 2017.

The electoral alliances have the right to form an electoral circle. The same applies to electoral alliances and candidates.

Election documents

NB! The translations of these documents are unofficial. Any interpretation of the content must be done consulting the original document in Finnish.

General documents:

Election documents for candidates, electoral alliances and electoral circles:

Candicady announcement:

Electoral alliance slate:

Agreement to form an electoral circle:

  • Agreement to form an electoral circle (pdf)Electoral alliances (or candidates) can agree to form an electoral circle and notify the Central Election Committee of this agreement with this form. This agreement is not available in electronic form.

Form for registering technical assistants:

NB! Instructions for completing the electoral documents (pdf). Instructions for filling in the documents found above – read them carefully before filling in the documents! (in english)

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