Student representation in University administration

Student representation in University administration

Vacancies announcements and the application for them can be found at You need to log in with your basic user account to apply. The contact information of the current student representatives can also be found there. Other student representatives outside the University administration can be found here.

What are hallopeds, also known as student representatives in University administration?

Student representatives in University administration, meaning hallopeds, are regular students chosen by Tamy to represent students in the University’s various administrative bodies and working groups. In addition to the Student Union, subject and faculty associations also appoint student representatives to their faculty’s working groups. The work of the student representatives is of paramount importance as it is the best way to include the opinions and voice of the students in the planning of teaching and development of the University.

According to the Regulations of the University of Tampere student have representatives also in various committees, and planning and preparation groups. According to the decision of the rector, the students have a right to be involved in the preparations of study-related matters which will later be decided on by the tripartite administrative organ.

Why you should become a halloped?

Student representatives have a chance to influence the matters which concern students in a very concrete and direct manner. The student are experts in the education of their field, because their studies give them an idea of what functional education and coaching entails. This point of view is needed in all working groups which are dealing with development of education to make the University the best possible place for learning and working. More information about the University organisation and decision-making is available in the Study Guide.

For a student representative, acting in a position of trust is a great source of experience on many of the basic skills which are needed in the working life. And in addition, it is possible to get study credit for acting in a position of trust, however 10 study credits is the maximum. See your faculty’s website for more information. Some hallopeds (representatives in the University Board, the University Collegiate Body, the Boards of Faculties, the Advisory Boards of Independent Institutes, the Education Council, the Sustainable Development Working Group and the equal opportunities working group) also receive a meeting attendance fee.

Application process of student representatives

Appointments made by Tamy are governed by Tamy’s standing order on the election of student representatives as well as Tamy’s annual decision 2018, from which you can find detailed information on the selection process. New hallopeds are recruited throughout the year with complementary application periods and in the autumn as the term changes. Find information about vacancies at

The Executive Board or the Council of Representatives appoints the student representatives into the administrative bodies defined in the Universities Act of Finland and in the Regulations of the University of Tampere, based on the criteria stated in the election standing order and the annual decision:

  • the University Board, the University Collegiate Body, the Advisory Boards of Independent Institutes, the Advisory Board of University Services, The Education Council, and the Appeals Committee
  • working and steering groups which work on issues concerning the University as a whole
  • For the most part, the appointments of the Student Union are carried out by the Board of Tamy, based on the election standing order defined by the Council of Representatives. Subject and faculty associations are consulted when appointing student representatives in the boards of faculties. The student representatives of the University Collegiate Body and University Board are appointed by the Council of Representatives.

Subject and faculty associations appoint representatives into the preparatory working groups

  • g. the curricula planning working group of the branch of study / degree programme,  the faculty level curricula planning coordination group, the appointments groups, the working groups of educational development projects
  • The subject and faculty associations are asked for the appointments directly, and they will choose the representatives and grant resignations in the way they consider most appropriate.

If you wish to apply, you can submit your application for the position of a student representative by filling an online form at For more information and guidance, please contact Tamy’s Specialist in Academic Affairs, who is in charge of the application process.

Persons who wish to work as student representatives, must have a right to study at the University of Tampere and must have enrolled as present before the application period closes. More detailed information can be found in the standing order on the election of student representatives. Additionally, the criteria stated in the annual decision of the Executive Board influence the selection process.

Orientation and contact with Tamy

Tamy provides regular orientations and trainings for hallopeds, more information on them can be found on Tamy’s website under Trainings. The material of the trainings is available in the kopo folder [in Finnish]. Hallopeds should also consult the Study Guide of the University, which provides basic information about the University and working as a student representative. Tamy is currently updating its own guide for academic affairs organizers.

Regardless of the administrative organ or working group the student works in, they have the right to receive orientation into their duties from both the previous representative or from the chair of the administrative body or the working group in question. The representatives should also keep in contact with the subject and faculty associations of their faculty.

Tamy communicates about current topics via the email list intended for hallopeds [in Finnish] and via Tamyn kopotoimijat Facebook group. The Specialist in Academic Affairs will add the hallopeds to the halloped email list.

The Specialist in Academic Affairs is at Tamy to help the hallopeds and provide answers and guidance in all matters related to academic affairs, so please don’t hesitate to contact them!

Resignation and changing a representative

The position of a student representative is a position of trust and therefore the representative should continue in their position until the end of the term of office. However, persons who have lost their eligibility to be a student representative cannot continue in the position. Sometimes other reasons cause the need to appoint new representatives mid-term.

Resigning from the post due to the loss of eligibility

If the student loses their eligibility to act as a student representative, they are considered to have resigned from their post. Situations which will lead to the loss of eligibility include graduating, enrolling as ‘absent’ (due to student exchange, for example), and signing a contract of employment with the University.

It is recommended that should one of the abovementioned situations arise, the student representative contacts the secretary of the administrative body in question and the Student Union and asks for a resignation themselves. The student representative can ask for a resignation by sending the Specialist in Academic Affairs an email which includes the reason for the resignation as well as the effective date of the resignation.

Subject and faculty associations take care of granting resignations and recruiting new representatives in the working groups of their faculty and/or degree programme as well as other administrative bodies excluding the Faculty Council.

Other obstacles in meeting participation

If a representative who is eligible is prevented from attending a meeting on account of personal reasons, they do not have to give up their post. These situations include e.g. pressing matters, sickness, employment, relocation, or other changes in life or living conditions.

In the case of such an obstacle, the student representative should inform the secretary of the governing body in question of the period of time during which they are unable to attend the meetings. In addition, the acting representative and the deputy should inform each other of their respective obstacles, so that the other can prepare for attending the meetings. In the situation where the representative and the deputy member both are unable to attend for an extended period of time, it is a good idea to contact the Specialist in Academic Affairs to negotiate, how the situation should be resolved.

In principle, the aim is to reach a resolution where the student representatives who have already been appointed to the administrative body in question are the ones who represent the students in that particular body, but changes are also possible.

Changing a student representative mid-term

When a post has been vacated, it is not possible to choose a new member outright, because in most cases, the student representatives are chosen through an open recruitment procedure. After the representative has asked for a resignation from the administrative body, the post is declared vacant and the application period is opened. After, Tamy’s board or council will appoint the new representative based on the applications the Student Union has received.

However, it is possible to make changes into the composition of the administrative bodies where the representative continues their duties in the post for which they have been appointed to. The acting representatives can, for example, change places with their assigned deputy member. All changes are decided on by the Board of Tamy, so these changes must be discussed with the Specialist in Academic Affairs first.

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