Student representatives in corporations and foundations

Student representatives in corporations and foundations

Tampere student housing foundation TOAS

Tampere student housing foundation also known as TOAS, is a foundation established in 1959 that offers housing for students living in Tampere.

The highest decision-making organ is a 26 seat delegation where Tamy has eight seats, which is more than any other individual party. Tamy’s representatives in the delegation are appointed by the Council of Representatives. The delegation meets twice a year to prepare the financial statement and budget, and to select the board members.

TOAS also has a board of ten members that hold significant power. Tamy has two seats on the board, with two deputy member seats. The chair of TOAS’s current board is also Tamy’s former Secretary General, Kati Rajala. Tamy also has representatives in TOAS’s building committee.


Olga Haapa-aho
Sanni Pietilä

Mikael Malkamäki
Emmi Venäläinen

Building committee

Ilona Taubert
Suvi Mäkeläinen


Mikko Aaltonen (Janne Kajander)
Oona Haimi (Suvi Mäkeläinen)
Katariina Kojo (Soile Koski-Aho)
Venla Monter (Olli-Jussi Ruotsalainen)
Ville Rantala (Mikko Lampo)
Linda Riihimäki (Outi Lehtonen)
Julius Tavasti (Sanni Lehtinen)
Iina Vilen (Ilona Taubert)

Finnish Student Health Service FSHS

Finnish Student Health Service provides health care services for students of the University of Tampere. Tamy has representatives in the FSHS delegation and the board of the health service unit of Tampere-Hämeenlinna.


Sonja Julkunen
Veli-Matti Partanen

Board of the health service unit of Tampere-Hämeenlinna

Olga Haapa-aho
Niko Ruotsalainen

Juvenes Corporation

Juvenes Corporation is a limited company owned jointly by Tamy and the Student Union of Tampere University of Technology (TTYY). Juvenes Corporation provides restaurant and cafeteria services for students and staff members, mainly in the facilities of the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology. It also offers campus store and kiosk services, sauna facilities rental and printing services. Tamy has representatives in the board of Juvenes, Juvenes Print and general meetings. In addition to general feedback channels, the customer’s point of view is investigated with a customer jury that meets twice a year. Its objective is to increase communication between Juvenes and the customers.


Sanni Pietilä
Jarkko Forsberg
Heikki Soininen

Juvenes Print

Janne Mikkonen

Opiskelijan Tampere ry

Opiskelijan Tampere ry started as a cooperation project between the student and students’ unions and Tampereen kauppakamari. The company’s most important service is the website, where you can find information about companies that offer student discounts, apartment and job offers, hobby opportunities and information about living and studying in Tampere. In addition to Tamy, members of Opiskelijan Tampere ry include the Student Union of Tampere University of Technology, TTYY, and the Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tamko.


Soile Koski-Aho

Tampereen ylioppilastalosäätiö

Tampereen ylioppilastalosäätiö (also known as the YO-talo Foundation) a joint foundation of the student unions in Tampere. For decades, the main duty of the Foundation was the management of the YO-talo building at Kauppakatu 10. Built in 1901, the building was donated to the student unions in 1968 by the City of Tampere. The Student Union of the University of Tampere held their office on the second floor of the YO-talo building up until mid-2013 after which the building was given back to the City. The highest decision-making body of the Foundation is the delegation nominated by the councils of Tamy and TTYY, which in turn chooses the Foundation board. At the moment, Tamy’s Secretary General acts as the delegation’s secretary. After giving up the YO-talo building, the Foundation has been investigating substitute opportunities.


Eero Kiiski (Leeni Herrala)
Niina Virtanen (Jaakko Mustakallio)
Milka Hanhela




Mikko Aaltonen (Tuuli Okoye)
Outi Lehtonen (Ella Lähteenmäki)
Joel Auranen (Taru Smolander)
Jesper Uunila (Kristian Kyllönen)
Salla Heikkinen (Sonja Julkunen)
Niko Ruotsalainen (Anniina Kaukonen)
Ville Tynkkynen (Tuomas Koivisto)
Mikko Lampo (Venla Monter)
Niina Virtanen (Mikael Malkamäki)
Leena Pihkala (Lauri Greggilä)
Milka Hanhela (Petro Leinonen)
Tuomas Himmanen (Aleksi Määttä)

Pertti Liljeroos Memorial Fund

Tamy and the Student Union of Tampere University of Technology (TTYY) established the Pertti Liljeroos Memorial Fund together in 2011, in memory of the former Managing Director of Juvenes Corporation. The purpose of the Memorial Fund is to support the wellbeing of the students of the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology and their ability to study by awarding grants for related projects, events, studies and training. The Fund is governed by Memorial Fund Regulations. The application period for the grants will be declared open every spring. The board of the Memorial Fund which goes through the applications and determines the recipients of the grant comprises representatives from the student unions as well as an external specialist member. Both private operators and public communities have donated money to the memorial fund.

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