Y-kampus: Sales Competences

Sales Competences (NN00DD16-3001) 3 credits

8th of November – 13th of December 2017
Wednesdays: 12:30pm – 3:30 pm

Enrolment ends: 23rd of October

Sales Competence-course is carried out in close cooperation with interesting companies. Learning is supported by the newest research results on b2b selling and sales work, the latest business literature, company-recommended materials, blogs, and some social media channels. The course is based on doing things together under the guidance of a coach, with the aim of putting the new knowledge into practice right away and creating solutions for the companies involved in order to develop their sales competence.

Student learning outcomes:
Understanding the importance of sales to the company.
Being familiar with the phases of the sales process.
Being able to develop themselves as sales representatives.
Being able to see the diversity and current trends of sales.
Being able to identify the buyer’s perspective in a sales situation.

Importance of sales and the transformation of selling
The sales process and its various phases
The change in customer behavior and customer expectations
B2B-oriented sales discussion
Determining customer needs and asking the right questions
Presenting a solution and addressing concerns
Managing own sales efforts
Business representatives will also be present and the students will have the opportunity to sell their skills to these potential employers.

Place: Y-kampus Kauppi (Tampere University of Applied Sciences)

Language: English

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More information:  Pia Hautamäki, Coach, pia.hautamaki(a)tamk.fi




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